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Fantastic story ! Somehow reminds me of the good ol' Monty Pythons
Wait few years, until the kid will not ruin it - trust me, you will not be happy seeing your couch decorated with your kids' scribble :-)
I own a Mercedes C-class - C 220 CDI (this is the current W204 model, now 3 years old), and the only thing it requires, is a regular yearly service maintenance - approximately 400 EUR/ year (with branded service, 1/3 if you go with non-branded one). The car is absolutely reliable and considered "bulletproof " - even within the MB service staff (my motorbike-buddy is a senior technician at the MB dealership, so I receive almost first-hand experience). HTH R.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim While the KTM Superduke may not be elegant, its not supposed to be. Its a nice bike. I'd rather have that than one of the hundreds of shitty looking cruisers that bike companies have been pushing for the past 20 years. Exactly - if you ride the KTM, you know that you receive value. WP suspension, fairly light and lots of power and precise handling... The different design is exactly what sets them...
My new bike! Moto Morini Granpasso - a beast to drive (and look at :-))
Definitely Alessandra - however, I am kind of surprised that no dark-eyed-brunette was in the poll... :-)
I have seen young guys trying hard to get to steroids in local gym. They have received a warning from the staff to start regular fitness and maybe speak later about it. Making the steroids legally available reduces all such informal barriers and just "paves the road" to make more (un-informed) people miserable...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mountains Is there no love for the Cadillac CTS in this class? I haven't driven one yet, but it seems like a decent competitor (certainly better than the C-class in my mind). Isn't the CTS more in the size-range of the BMW 5/ E-class? I like the Cadillac, although it sports slightly "vulgar" appearance (IMHO) as opposed to the 3 candidates originally considered...
Quote: Originally Posted by legit My problem with the C class, is that I don't understand why it even has 4 doors. The back seat has about 1 inch of room in it. Well, then you should take a look at real C-class - this "inch" is well visible: Any normally sized person (not HULK - XXL size) will fit nicely and there is enough room even on the backseat. I am 1,80m and wifey and kid travel on the backseat. If you do not own the car, then...
If you are not an 80' football (soccer in US) player wearing mullet-hair, then no tassels :-)
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