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Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Pardon me for beginning to doubt you (you just took a long time to reply) but if you are so deeply enamoured of your dress why did you post here asking for suggestions if it weren't to try to substantially improve? The book is entitled The Suit. Sorry but I only check forums once or twice a day. I just wanted to gauge some opinions but I do want to...
One of my uncles was a big Anglophile who liked to spend money he didn't have so I know about Wildsmith shoes. I think it's really exiciting to have someone who is part of the family here if that's the case
Thanks! Yep, it's a great ride and not at all that negative reputation people have of Fiat.
Wow! I never knew so many people would reply. Thanks Sator for the advice but really, I love the way I dress now but I'll heed some of the advice you gave. What's this book you bring up? For some of my doubters I'm actually the man in the picture so no this isn't a joke. Sigh, I'm not a troll! And please don't make negative comments about looks.
What's so weird about everything? I had a big bonus this time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan Whenever one troll goes, another pops in its place... Sigh, I'm not a troll. See here how rude this was?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Actually, now that I think about it, I think I've seen this picture before. You probably have because someone used my picture without permission at the AskAndy's. I no longer go there because of the rudeness of using pictures without people's permission.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. ROFL, sorry but is this a joke? I'm sorry this is no joke. I was once at the other forum called AskAndy's where someone used my picture without my permission so people think everything is a joke now.
I use this Parker which was my dad's: It's great and never skips or anything. But when other people want to borrow a pen I keep some extra cheap ballpoints around.
Sometimes I find some really great stuff on Ebay. I'm thinking of this sportsjacket and I really love the color and texture, great for Fall and when I wear my Mallard green corduroys and red flannel cotton shirts. So what's the forum opinion?
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