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say it, the very worst, she does not say it back and you fuck her that night, looking in her eyes knowing she does not love you. It feels great.
i wanted to understand what this thread was about, but my brain sploded reading this.
oh where to start? yoru co worker is lying, how old is he? that would perhaps explain a lot. people like that are amazing, they feel the stress and just keep it going, they know they are blowing it i think, but they keep it coming. i met a kid recently whos whole life revolves around this image of being from brooklyn, now we have beat it out of him hes never been to ny. people lie, its fun to watch them squirm, but sad too. i hate my ex fiance of 4 years, shes a cunt who...
you should go to the mizzion and suck some dickz for a place to stay, thats what SF is all about so i hear.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff . your dune avatar gave me nightmaresery when i was a kid. god how i love that movie now, and hated that night seeing it when it came out.
stop stealing gov secrets.
This is a fucking stupid question. She is the lima, you are a fool.
WAtching football and getting drunk in the EU.
So if they are french why dont they have nicer uniforms? Just wondering, they should be a little nicer, no?
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