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bumping again
Bumping this up. Item is sold out everywhere.
Brand New (no tags) EG FW 2012 Round Collar Shirt in Navy Polka dot, size large. Purchased from Inventory early this season for $225 + shipping. Tried on a few times but it never fit right (fits a hair smaller than most Large EG shirts of late). This was one of my favorite items from this season but it just didnt work for me - hopefully you can catch a great deal on it. Priced to move at $150 + PayPal fees (includes shipping to US - int'l is more). Appears to be sold...
Nepenthes in NYC has a really cool versions - Green with grey patches, and Grey with green patches. Adds some nice flair to it.
Thanks! Anything cheaper? I feel like i've seen them on EU sites for around $130...
Who is stocking the Adidas x Soloist vintage Rods? Can't seem to find any besides Haven...
Hey guys - I've got a like-new (worn once) Navy Whipcord Cruiser Parka/Jacket in size L for sale. On-the-rack condition, $500 shipped to US (retail = $575+). Open for offers if they're reasonable. Great piece but I need the cash. Will posts pics/thread shortly.
Can anyone comment on Shawl Collar Jacket sizing?
Who is stocking the shawl collar in navy? Can anyone comment on how warm the jacket is?
Timpo - what are the pants in pic 3??
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