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I think they have Goyard there...they have some nice things. Or perhaps I'm thinking of Barney's
Everything is ill fitting, and very ugly. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything like that, especially the shoes...very 1990's and very tacky.
I have a chunky knit wool shawl collar in camel, and it's my favorite sweater. So warm and it looks great. It's buy An Earnest Cut and Sew, and I got it on sale. Also have a navy blue shawl collar.
I hope you're not serious about this.
Dark blue jeans would be fine, also brown or black shoes are okay. Almost any colored tie would work, I suppose a plain black tie would work...I would rather see a black knit tie if anything. Also, make sure you leave the bottom button of the cardigan unbuttoned...looks better.
I like them, and they're definitely worth more than that starting bid. Hope you get them!
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler your shirt has herpes. you will never get rid of the marks. all you can do is hope not to have a flare-up when you are out and about. This seems feasible...
I've cut down on buying, but not too much. My income is the same, and my other expenses haven't gone up very much if any. So there's no explaination for my cutting back...
I once encountered a sales lady that seemed so stuck up, and through her comments I got that vide as well...don't recall what she said. But I remember exactly what I said "can your nose get any higher, you snobby wench" I had a good laugh afterwards, she seemed upset no surprise. I felt no remorse.
If it came down to choosing between a few people, then yes their clothing and appearance would be the deciding factor.
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