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These shoes are very ugly, very nineties, and way to squared off. Do NOT buy these!
wallet Burt's Bees lip balm keys small amount of change 30x magnifaction loupe cell phone Cartier lighter
Ralph Lauren alpaca cable knit sweater, got it on deep discount for $13
I carry my smaller stuff around in my pockets, and I also carry a briefcase for my laptop and paperwork...
Clothing and accessories that have designer logos all over them....most times they are expensive for inferior quality and not pleasing to the eye. e.g. Gucci
I don't think Lauren Ralph Lauren is as horrible as some think. I have a vest from them, and it fits nicely, and is of better quality than most department store brands. But I will say it's not worth the normal retail price, so wait until it's on deep discount.
I just make sure I try it on, and absolutely love it. If I have any doubts about it, and it's on final sale, I won't buy it.
I have this problem as well and I use Udder Cream, and also a paraffin wax hand dip. I use the cream during the day, and when I get home I use the paraffin wax. Both work for me quite well. The udder cream also soaks in very quickly...a big plus.
Quote: Originally Posted by kischi Dunhill Rollagas Very nice, I also like Dunhill lighters....
Lincoln Town Car.....or even better a 1964 Lincoln Continental 4dr hardtop
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