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Sean Connery looked great in Goldfinger wearing his black three piece with a black slim tie. The only black tie I wear is a silk knit, other than for formal events.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I'm on the verge of getting some patent navy loafers to wear casually. Dunno how that'll work. I'm looking forward to seeing these...
Sperry all the way, although, my next choice would be Cole Haan (only on sale though).
I'd go with a tie that's 3 inches in width.
More info please.
Very nice Rebel--you do a great job polishing!
I just bought one from Banana Republic--on sale too.
I recently purchased a cotton sportcoat in black and white gingham, it's by Brooks Brothers and I paid $33 shipped for it off the 'bay and it was NWT. Quite undeniably less than the Bottega Venetta.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Well apparently the swine flu influenza affects mainly healthy people - so it might be a good time to start up! +1 I'm game. Beautiful lighter btw.
Do you know the sleeve length on the RLPL shirt?
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