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Nice three-piece. Very tasteful.
Friday smirk. Have a good weekend, gentlemen.
I'm always on the lookout for vintage Polo Ralph Lauren or Polo University Club sport coats, suits, and overcoats in size 38/40 reg. I like wide lapels with a traditional gorge height, so many from the 70s-90s are of my liking, along with the more recent "Garrison" model. I'm not looking for 100% cotton models of anything. A few styles I am searching for are below. Black and white plaid or houndstooth Double breasted navy blue chalk or pinstripe Camel hair Solid...
How long are your collar points?
I rarely use the word epic, but this find definitely lives up to the definition. NOS Chesterfield topcoat from Polo Ralph Lauren. I believe, based on the tag, it's from 1999. Tags are attached and all pockets are still sewn shut. Made in the USA of English fabric. Now, to wait six months to wear it.
Haven't posted in long time, but here's one I snagged today. No selfie stick, but I assure you the jacket waist is nipped appropriately.
Check out my my signature. It's semi-pointed to menswear, amongst a few other things.
Went thrifting and then to some garage sales this weekend and found a few nice things. Leather-top rosewood desk, $100 Black leather high-back desk chair, $75 Both furniture pieces are in incredible condition. The doctor I purchased them from, and his wife, are moving back to the Philippines so I got a good deal. older, but seemingly unused, Eddie Bauer 100% down puffer style jacket, $3 four point cream colored wool blanket with multicolored block stripes,...
Brooks Brothers 100% cotton twill car coat, size large. It is in like new condition except for a very tiny hole on the left shoulder (a few threads are broken). The coat has a zipper and button closure, with adjustable button cuffs. There are two exterior pockets and four interior pockets including a cell phone pocket. There is a drawstring on the inside if you need to make it tighter. The coat will arrive wrinkled, but a quick steam should bring it back to...
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