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I dislike more than just his tie knot. Every suit I see him in is distasteful IMO...
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
Price drops on a few items, added a Trafalgar belt, and added sole measurements for the two pairs of shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 I might be the only one on this but I feel that Truzzi is pretty comparable Truzzi buttonholes are ugly in my opinion, and I really don't like their buttons or collar shapes either. Finamore has my vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Cotton bandana I do that from time to time and quite like it...
Quote: Originally Posted by MinnMD Brooks Brothers and Allen Edmonds are side-by-side in the downtown skyway of Minneapolis. There's a slightly larger Brooks Brothers in Maple Grove. Never knew there was a Brooks Brothers in Maple Grove...I'll have to check it out. I hate parking downtown so I rarely go to that Brooks store...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Great shoes--color and style!
I see those at thrift stores from time to time, and also longwings from JcPenny. They certainly look legit!
Quote: Originally Posted by steviecakes Thrifted a Bally briefcase for $2.98. It has two 3 digit combination locks that I've tried to crack but can't. Would a locksmith open it for me? If so, how much could I expect to be charged? I'm not even sure I'd get any use out of this to be honest, just thought it looked cool. Crappy phone pics are here. Awesome briefcase.
Hot as hell.
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