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Can't find it at present. I do remember it was listed with a markedly vague auction title (Ralph Lauren coat, or something close). It was $150, I think? A great value. I just recently purchased a vintage PRL chesterfield NOS and I can vouch for the quality.
There's a vintage PRL full-length chesterfield in a super small size on ebay right now, and for a pittance, I may add. I'm not the seller, by the way.
Thanks, David! I appreciate your comments.
@luxire Do you make structured sport coats? I have always been a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren's Garrison jacket, but they discontinued it a while back, and I'm not able to find an ample supply on the secondary market anymore. Would the chest shaping and shoulder structure be replicated exactly? I have a model I could send to base it on. Thanks.
How wide are the lapels?
Repost--need to expand my wardrobe.
I don't wish I were short, but........
Found another great vintage topcoat from Polo Ralph Lauren. Brown tweed with a brown velvet collar. Looking forward to wearing it this winter.
What size is this? Complete suit or just the jacket?
Let's talk.
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