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This is tempting: http://www.polosophy.it/eng/index.html
I have puffed brown rice and Fiber One original with skim milk. I've been getting more and more sensitive to sweets, so this is a good breakfast for me because there is zero sugar.
Polo Ralph Lauren for casual and some dress clothing. Sperry Topsider for boat shoes
Those are pimp shit! Love 'em.
Price drops.
Awesome...'nuff said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos Zegna Couture Napoli SC, size 44, but the length, shoulders and sleeves fit my 40R body, so will just take it in a bit (well, more than than "a bit"). Machine sewn buttonholes on a Zenga Couture? Hmm...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Someone please explain to me why handwork in a shirt is desirable. It's personal preference. There is a distinct look of handwork that I find appealing, button holes especially. Some will argue that a shirt with hand stitched armholes will fit better, but personally I don't notice a difference.
I dislike more than just his tie knot. Every suit I see him in is distasteful IMO...
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
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