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[[SPOILER]] I picked up my new topcoat from my tailor this weekend, so I had to give it a whirl. Also, day one at the new job.
[[SPOILER]] Current digs. The jacket waist does need a slight nip...
Late to the Wednesday party, but here's a couple poor quality pictures of my garb. It was a little warm in Denver for a cashmere sport coat, but it worked out.
Thank you, very much.
Appreciate it--I like them as well! Polo and Purple Label do them well.
The trousers are light gray. Loafers are black crocodile.
Crappy pictures, I know; but I wanted to snag a few of my new chesterfield overcoat. Underneath is a charcoal gray birdseye double breasted suit. If I can get better pics, I'll post them.
The Indian Head pennies are all common dates and worth very little (~$8 for all, as they're "good" condition). The 1937 Wheat Penny is worth 10 cents. The Buffalo nickels are all common dates on the outset and in "good" condition. Not too sure on the value--maybe a buck or two a piece. There are known errors in really every denomination and coin type, so it could be worth your while to research each one...especially since you don't have many.
Error coins can command a premium, depending. I used to buy and sell, and many I found were in pocket change. There are a few books out there and the CONECA online forum is an amazing resource.
Agreed--I purchased for decorative value. It did come from an estate with other quality pieces, and I know how much the previous (deceased) owner paid at a local gallery, but, of course, that doesn't really mean much right now. I need to get it appraised.
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