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Late Wednesday submission--went straight to dinner after I left the office. I would prefer a white or ecru shirt today, but oh well. PRL PRL PRL Cheaney
This is great! The jacket and tie work perfectly, and a white shirt is always a good choice.
You got it! It's a three roll two, and based on the label it's probably from the seventies. I find Polo from the 70s/80s to be more balanced and classic in appearance, so I've been amassing a wardrobe of just vintage PRL (jackets and suits) over the last couple of years.
[[SPOILER]] It's supposed to be 61 today in Denver! The lack of contrast between my trousers and blazer was purposefully done, as I like the subtlety. The dog wanted to get in the last pic. Have a great Saturday.
Thank you for the tip, and also regarding the jacket.
On mobile and not sure how to do a spoiler on here, so I apologize for three pics. All Polo Ralph Lauren, minus the croc loafers that are by Magnanni. Have a great Wednesday, guys.
My pictures leave a lot to be desired, that's for sure. The angle at which I take them doesn't do anything to show true fit. I need to up my selfie game. My love for vintage Polo Ralph Lauren and originality will probably hold me back from getting any alterations done, but I'm still pondering it. I've never materially altered any of my vintage Polo pieces, and I have an ever-growing collection.Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion.
Thank you. I've considered it, definitely. It's a vintage piece of Polo Ralph Lauren, and I'm not super keen on changing the original aesthetic (I know, weird). With that being said, my other four topcoats are mid-shin and I do prefer that. I still feel it's quite wearable as-is, but I realize my opinion is a minority today.
Thank you! I appreciate the kind wordsThanks! I only wear long topcoats--I like the drape. All of my above-the-knee topcoats were ditched last year.
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