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A local thrift shop has thousands and thousands of old buttons for sale. Little old ladies slave for hours a day sorting and carding them all. I've found some very neat buttons...for a pittance. The shop is in Wausau, Wisconsin.
15 pairs of Corneliani for PRL trousers for ~ $250.
Some decent braces for a buck, and a sterling silver belt buckle for five bucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Two "Andrew's Ties" ties. Never heard of them before but they felt amazing. From what I've read and seen, Andrew's ties are quite nice. Great find.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Barring the brown odd trousers, I'm pretty sure we've seen Wooster in that same getup. You have no proof that this old man's pants aren't cropped at the knee either. From a pure swag perspective that old dude beats Wooster's melange of expensive off-the-rack nonsense hands down, but of course this is just my humble opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Wooster has returned from the future! That guy looks way better than Wooster ever will. Just sayin...
Brown tie, gray suit. Navy tie, navy suit. Navy tie, gray suit. Army green tie, gray suit.
The polymide (nylon) adds strength, which is useless in my opinion for a dress shirt, and the elastane, of course, adds a stretch factor, but again is useless for a dress shirt in my opinion. I would be curious as to the reason why Barba sourced this fabric for a dress shirt. It is sub-par quality, but as we know quality is very subjective.
I follow http://thestylebuff.tumblr.com/ amongst many others...
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Good (budget) purchase.
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