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@eazye if you gain weight, hmu 😜
This is fantastic, I'd rock it in a heart beat. For sale?
Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see it. I only rock wide lapels.
That's awesome! I have a couple DB suits and a plethora of odd jackets, including a bottle green blazer.
Fantastic suit. I love the old PRL suits from the 70s/80s, and I have many in my personal wardrobe. If it's a ~40reg and you'd like to part with it, shoot me a PM.
Perhaps there are some Limoges porcelain and Haviland lovers out there. I purchased this service for ten of Theodore Haviland china over the weekend--pictured are just a few sample pieces. The blank shape itself is decidedly simple and Art Deco in nature, and the floral/branch pattern offers a slight dose of chinoiserie. It dates to 1925. I entertain with all of my antique and vintage china, and it's quite fun to use these old pieces because you rarely see them in...
Thank you! I get more than side glances. Denver is a decidedly casual city, but I prefer to wear at least a jacket most days. Pastels are also nonexistent here, regardless of the season.Thanks! It's vintage Polo Ralph Lauren and older than I am. My office calls it the Masters jacket.
Thank you, I appreciate it. My only pink v-neck is HOT pink, and I didn't feel that over-the-top this morning.
An in-the-wild shot. Sixty and sunny here in Denver, so I hauled out a pastel to tide me over until spring. The blazer is bottle green. All Ralph, either Polo or Purple Label.
I appreciate your comments. Looking back, I think a solid or repp stripe tie would formalize the shirt a bit, and a solid shirt would augment the tie. Live and learn... As a general statement, I do like the medallion-type ties--they tickle my old school fancy.
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