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I have one by RLPL and it's holding up just fine (and it's one of my workhorse ties).
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Shoes? Magnanni Birminghams.
Casual Friday: pants look awkward today, but I partially attribute it to them being all cotton. Have a great (long) weekend, gents. Off to the cabin...
Those are sweet, although, I would prefer them sans tassels.
Yes, it is. Amazing. Period.
Quote: Originally Posted by Miguel Alvarez Insta-boner. <3 Finamore
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves Get a new blazer ya cheap basterd. Thanks for making me chuckle this morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Summer lovin, had me a blast... (click spoiler for more deets) [[SPOILER]] Love them!
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