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Thank you, regarding the jacket. Unfortunately for reality, the picture makes it look slightly longer than it is in person. You're right about it being difficult to find proper length jackets nowadays. No one likes this tie but me, so I suppose that's why I wear it. I have an affinity for arabesque/medallion ties.
Hope you all had a great Thursday.All PRL, except the shoes are Canali (forget who made them for Canali) [[SPOILER]]
I'm a big fan of this suit--the basic tenets are very classic.You're welcome. I feel we're all obligated to share our proverbial two cents on a forum like this. You could definitely abandon the trousers and wear the jacket solo. Button stances can be tricky since you really can't alter them, as the bottom hem and hip pockets become out of sync. I have along torso so anything in today's world of fashion tends to be too high and looks awkward. For this reason, and a few...
I mean this with all due respect, but this cut and style of suit does nothing for your figure. In my opinion, the trousers need inches of ease from the thigh down and some added length, and the jacket button stance and overall torso length should be dropped an inch to an inch and a half. The fabric seems quite lovely, though.
That's a legit casual outfit for a young guy. My only critique is to be cautious of your tie knot size in relation to your shirt collar points--keep them proportional (same goes for tie width and lapel width). Thanks for posting! This reminds me that I should revisit Club Monaco for my casual wardrobe.
Is your tailor Neapolitan?
It's definitely not modern day women's Ralph Lauren Collection, but rather an old line of RL women's attire. I'd say 1980s, but the style of the coat itself may lend a more concrete answer.
Oh man. You're all too sensitive on the Internet.
[[SPOILER]] My green post!
Here's my green post for the week--loden green cashmere 100. I'll cross post in that thread. Jacket: PRL Shirt: PRL Tie: Faconnable Trousers: PRL (Dalton by Corneliani--love these) Shoes: the old Nordstrom house brand Italian Premier (these are great shoes)
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