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Vintage, gently used, slubbed silk tie. It is tan with navy blue, light blue, and light gray stripes. Brand is American Traditions and is made in the USA. Width is just a touch over 3 1/2 inches, length is 57 1/2 inches. I have no problem keeping this tie, as it is a gorgeous one!
NWT Polo Ralph Lauren, Made in Italy, size 34 reg, Polo Regent fit, flat front, dark green cords, 100% cotton, double welt with button/loop back pockets. Actual measurements below. Normal retail: $250 Waist: 34 Inseam: 38.5
NWT Polo Ralph Lauren cotton trousers, Preston (slim) fit, made in Italy by Corneliani, tagged size 28, 100% cotton, thick twill weave. It is killing me having to get rid of these, but doing planks has worked for me. The color is accurate in the pictures. These pants are well worth the normal retail price, as the cotton is soft, the construction is great, and the fit is as good as it gets for OTR. Normal retail is $295. Waist: 29" Iength: 37 3/4" Front rise: 10" Back...
The pants are NWT, size 32R, Polo Ralph Lauren cream colored 100% extra fine wool trousers, Made in Italy. They are the Regent fit (flat front), have side tab adjusters, brace buttons, double welted back pockets with buttons, and are fully lined. There is some minor shop wear, particularly at the bottom, but I have every confidence that it could be cleaned back to like-new by a dry cleaner. I believe the normal retail price was $395. Be like Cary Grant in [I]To Catch a...
haha I just found mine a couple weekends ago while sorting through boxes of stuff...
Some I paid $5 for, yes $5.I didn't purchase them on ebay, for the record.
A local thrift shop has thousands and thousands of old buttons for sale. Little old ladies slave for hours a day sorting and carding them all. I've found some very neat buttons...for a pittance. The shop is in Wausau, Wisconsin.
15 pairs of Corneliani for PRL trousers for ~ $250.
Some decent braces for a buck, and a sterling silver belt buckle for five bucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Two "Andrew's Ties" ties. Never heard of them before but they felt amazing. From what I've read and seen, Andrew's ties are quite nice. Great find.
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