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Avon Celli
Feeling like spring. The snow is leaving at a rapid pace and the sun is shining!
Price drops. If you're interested in something send me a PM...
Never heard of this brand before. How do they compare with other Italian neckwear?
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays Yeah I think he has been ban hammered That guy was a bozo
Quote: Originally Posted by iloveyou hey asshole in case you havent noticed , i pretty much vouched for Eton, like a previous poster. Of course most folks in the US know fk all about Eton and only know about brook bros- but that is their loss
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood Just out of curiosity, since you learned of the great shoelace-knot controversy, have you tried--just tried--to tie it the other way, just to see what all the fuss is about?
I dislike non-iron shirts, but I've been told Brooks Brothers makes a good one.
What can I say officer...sorry for partying?!? A month before my 21st birthday and, of course, the house party I am at gets busted. I leaped out of a bathroom window into a snowbank to try and run away, but guess who was there waiting... Edit: I do not know how much the ticket will be in total (~$550 from what I've heard). They make students take a class about binge drinking which is another $80, even though the party was off-campus. Party like a...
If polo shirts cannot be machine washed and dried, or at the very least machine washed, then I do not buy them. They're casual and get better with use-- i.e. holes/frays
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