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Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays Yeah I think he has been ban hammered That guy was a bozo
Quote: Originally Posted by iloveyou hey asshole in case you havent noticed , i pretty much vouched for Eton, like a previous poster. Of course most folks in the US know fk all about Eton and only know about brook bros- but that is their loss
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood Just out of curiosity, since you learned of the great shoelace-knot controversy, have you tried--just tried--to tie it the other way, just to see what all the fuss is about?
I dislike non-iron shirts, but I've been told Brooks Brothers makes a good one.
What can I say officer...sorry for partying?!? A month before my 21st birthday and, of course, the house party I am at gets busted. I leaped out of a bathroom window into a snowbank to try and run away, but guess who was there waiting... Edit: I do not know how much the ticket will be in total (~$550 from what I've heard). They make students take a class about binge drinking which is another $80, even though the party was off-campus. Party like a...
If polo shirts cannot be machine washed and dried, or at the very least machine washed, then I do not buy them. They're casual and get better with use-- i.e. holes/frays
Rolex Submariner or Cartier Tank.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zackb911 Gorgeous plastic button.
Price drops.
Very gently used Banana Republic white jeans tagged size 30x32 (see measurements). I wore these about a half dozen times, but the rise is too low for my taste so out they go. They are from the spring 2009 collection. They are crisp white and VERY clean. Asking $45 obo shipped in CONUS Waist: 33" Inseam: 32" Front Rise: 10"
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