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Polo 3 roll 2PoloDrakesPoloItalian Premier (old Nordstrom house brand--nice materials and construction) [[SPOILER]]
I would suggest perusing estate sales for sets of china, as you can almost always find a set or two and for a good deal. It's hit or miss, but still fun to look even if you don't find anything. Also, give Craigslist a look every now and then. I've found many great things on there, including wool Persian rugs for a pittance.Quality antique china has gone down in price over the last couple of decades, so you can find many great sets "on sale" today. I've purchased three...
Damn. Thank you just the same.
What size is this PRL, assuming it's for sale...?
@luxire I order my shirts with a smooth (folded) placket, but the shirts I've purchased from you end up being too bulky in the placket and the shirt doesn't sit right. What should I specify exactly to ensure this doesn't happen with my next order? My off-the-rack Finamore and Barba shirts do not serge or edge finish that inner raw edge and I believe they have fewer folds, so should I just add that in the comments section? Thank you.
This is a beautiful set of flatware--the detail is extraordinary. You're a fortunate owner. What pattern(s) of china do you pair with?
Charity event to attend tonight. My apologies for the particularly dark full body shot--it's a charcoal birdseye 6x2 DB suit. Unseen are black punch cap bals.
I love them. Loafers with a suit is such an American thing--rock on.
Very nice! Simplicity always trumps.
Thank you, regarding the jacket. Unfortunately for reality, the picture makes it look slightly longer than it is in person. You're right about it being difficult to find proper length jackets nowadays. No one likes this tie but me, so I suppose that's why I wear it. I have an affinity for arabesque/medallion ties.
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