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Oh man. You're all too sensitive on the Internet.
[[SPOILER]] My green post!
Here's my green post for the week--loden green cashmere 100. I'll cross post in that thread. Jacket: PRL Shirt: PRL Tie: Faconnable Trousers: PRL (Dalton by Corneliani--love these) Shoes: the old Nordstrom house brand Italian Premier (these are great shoes)
Totally! I was just making a sarcastic joke.
It's just an early women's RL line. I love their men's made in USA suits, so I'm sure this is of very nice quality.
Wannabes haha
I'm gay enough to wear these. What size are they? This is brunch attire for the gays.
I love this suit, and it's exactly my preferred aesthetic--strong shoulders, wide(r) lapels, full torso length, and a full chest. It's very classic and wearable. Ball huggers are for GQ worshipers only, and I don't subscribe...
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