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Kept it airy today with slouchy linen and tropical weight wool. It's still a hot one here in Denver.
Beautiful rug! There's so much detail, it's just fantastic. You got a great deal, too.
This is great! The lilac tie was a perfect choice with this suit, and +1 for the pinned collar.
[[SPOILER]] Gave this new tie a whirl today, and finally picked up my favorite watch from being serviced.
Thanks! I guess there's no accounting for taste The picture exaggerates it a bit, as it's on par with a basic twill, as opposed to a more so shiny satin weave.
Thanks much! The weave is very interesting--there are pink and blue yarns used that are only noticeable when you look at the tie in a certain way and in certain light. It's very neat.
[[SPOILER]] I wear a blazer more often than not it seems, but I wanted the casualness today. Seeing what the cubism exhibition at the Denver Art Museum has to offer.PoloPoloBarbaPoloantique MOP cufflinks a friend gave to me
Great suit--I really enjoy pinstriped suits. Nice tie choice, too.
Always have been a fan of your style, man. Who does this suit? I have a few old PRL DB's that are similar and I love them. Cuffs would finish it off, but I suppose that could be called nit picking.
Didn't see this in your ebay store. What size and how much? Thanks!
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