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These Made in USA Polo suits are fantastic quality and decidedly more stylish than anything coming out of the RL house today. I wear mine frequently, along with a plethora of vintage sport coats. Were it my size, I'd persuade you to part with it....
ThaThank you for the link, and my apologies for not staying on top of this thread.
How do we purchase gift certificates? Thank you.
Purchased this old Bueche Girod tank this weekend. It's 18kt yellow gold, mechanical movement, has a new crocodile strap, and looks unworn. I'm very happy with my purchase, and it beats the hell out of paying for a Cartier at retail.
Can't find it at present. I do remember it was listed with a markedly vague auction title (Ralph Lauren coat, or something close). It was $150, I think? A great value. I just recently purchased a vintage PRL chesterfield NOS and I can vouch for the quality.
There's a vintage PRL full-length chesterfield in a super small size on ebay right now, and for a pittance, I may add. I'm not the seller, by the way.
Thanks, David! I appreciate your comments.
@luxire Do you make structured sport coats? I have always been a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren's Garrison jacket, but they discontinued it a while back, and I'm not able to find an ample supply on the secondary market anymore. Would the chest shaping and shoulder structure be replicated exactly? I have a model I could send to base it on. Thanks.
How wide are the lapels?
Repost--need to expand my wardrobe.
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