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Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug 4 zac efrons in one sentence. I'm impressed of course you are! you squirt a little each and everytime zac's name is mentioned. thats been evident from day 1
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Was I accusing you of doing so? Nope. you made the inference that me coming into a thread about jcrew and saying that it is a yawnfest is analagous to ppl comign into a zac efron thread and not only needlessly complaining about the presence of a zac efron thread, but attacking zac efron himself along with attacking the op for having the audacity to post something on zac efron. clearly the two are not...
[quote=hnlax;2132447] Quote: Originally Posted by CaliStyle problem? then dont click on threads with his name on it simple as that/QUOTE] ....substitute j crew for "his name" and take your own advice i dont have a problem with j crew im just not a fan of it. jcrew is neither threatening to me nor do i get all up in arms about people who post about jcrew i merely said that jcrew is a yawnfest now if you would like to continue to...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Why do you come into a thread clearly advertised as being about J Crew, just to complain about it? yeah must not have taken your pills for logic and reasoning this morning. am i attacking the OP for posting about something that im not fond of? nope.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak a much more exciting thread! and an even more exciting thread! agreed. and even moreso exciting for you it seems
jcrew yawnfest
i need a good bowtie but i ahvent seen any that i like online and theyre very hard to find in stores ive loked everywhere
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbowtie Sorry I can't be of help but which website is that? I tried to find the homepage but to no avail. That's a very nice bowtie. Thanks! its from fineanddandy.com
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathew J http://www.beautiesltd.com/ thanks....all of these look so clownish though? im hoping to find something a bit more on the preppy, collegiate side
anyone know where online i can find a bowtie similar to this? http://ep.yimg.com/ip/I/yhst-5235167..._2055_12041699 i would buy it from that website but its 40 bucks....lookin for something a bit cheaper, but if im gonna pay 40 bucks for a bow tie i want to REALLY love the print
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