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do you just take the item into any tiffany's and they polish it for you right then and there? i have the elsa peretti thumbprint money clip.
what size are you? i just bought this awesome jil sander jacket for 170 last week. jacket i've been on the lookout for similar stuff so i'll let you know if i find anything.
buy it now was 399 and the suit ended up going for 466. guess i should've jumped on it when i had the chance.
e-mailed the guy. he said it's canvas front. hope nobody on the board is gonna bid with me for it
I usually just google for "bluefly coupons" when I need one. Try one of these: Bluefly Coupon Coupon Code Exp. 15% off Purchase MISSEDYOU323 10/25/03 15% off any purchase Coupon Code :FALLFLY ,Expire : 10/31/03 -
welp, this is the suit i was looking at. jil sander suit not recommended, eh?
anybody happen to know if jil sander suits have fused fronts? i'm thinking most likely, but i'm not positive.
i'm wondering if it's possible to take in the waist area on a suit and if so, by how much? for example: this suit has a slim waist and lets out this suit straight all the way through and looks boxy can this alteration be done or is it simply a part of the cut of the suit? is there also proper terminology when asking the tailor for this? thanks.
Quote: Most of the BR wool pants are somewhat tapered. Untrue. BR has a "dawson" cut that is bootleg. I own two wool pants with this cut.
theory sells a lot of boot cut pants... they retail for over 200, but you can usually score some on bluefly or an outlet store for 100 or less.
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