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For sale is my lightly-used Filson medium duffle bag in tan. I purchased it in January and it has not seen a ton of action, but it is just beginning to pick up some of that Filson "patina" on the bottom and sides. Otherwise, the bag is like new. Measures 25"W x 14"H x 13"D, made in the USA. It really is a great looking bag, and of course the quality is second to none. SOLD! See pictures: http://img249.imageshack.us/g/dscn1302o.jpg/
pm sent.
My 257 arrived from Crane's last week. FWIW, I find it to be just the right size, much smaller than the Tumi laptop bag that I used when travelling for business. In fact, I originally ordered the 256 and found it way too small for my needs as a grad student (laptop, couple of notebooks, 1" binder or two, sunglasses, headphones, etc.). It also looked a little "mursey" on my frame when I wore it over my shoulder (6'1" 170). The 257 is a great bag.
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