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Wait... how the hell do they even make money on these? I know markups are huge but this is ridiculous.
Doesn't bother me in the least, probably because I've never considered any relationship as long-term. For marriage material, definitely a deal-breaker if she can't quit... shit is bad for indoor air quality and long term health when you and your kids are living with her, unless she follows an extremely strict outside-only policy. Even then, I wouldn't want my kids to lose their mom to some sort of cancer. Then again, my great-grandmother smoked until she was 95.
Ditto on car forums. I've been around a few and quite a number of respected members have passed on. Wasn't there a rather prolific guy on SF who became extremely broke and vanished without a trace without sending some items? That's close enough to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Radagast 6.2 Handicap checking in. Worked on my game a lot this season. One thing i've found as I get better is golf gets a bit boring. Straight baby draw in fairway, decent approach, either a chip and putt or two putts. In a way it was more fun when I was trying to chop it out of the bushes for a hope at salvaging a bogey. Anyhow, winter is coming here so any improvements this season will soon be lost. Never...
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Alternatively you could just wear shoes. I have a lot of asian friends and they don't really "get it" with the wearing shoes indoors thing. I almost feel relieved when I go over to someone new's place (all of my real friends pretty much have at least one asian or otherwise shoe-hater per apartment) and realize that people are still wearing shoes. I am ok with socks or shoes...but in the summer when a lot of people are...
Only wear a full suit ~10 times a year, only half of which are for business/work related functions or interviews while the other half are for social occasions. Hence I only own two suits (charcoal, light wool, 3 button, notch lapel, single vent & navy, heavier wool, 2 button, peak lapel, double vent) and both have kept their condition very well. To get more use out of them I wear them as separates occasionally.
I only have about 15% of my yearly income. That's around 7k, and I still think that's too much as it's doing just about nothing for me. I threw the rest of my money into a mix of stocks, bonds and etfs and pray to the fairy godmother they do better than they did 2 years ago. Real estate would be the smartest thing to do, but I just haven't found a place I want to settle yet.
Did you plan this all out in advance? Because I'm sick and tired of my job too and would like to collect EI. Leeches of society, unite! No, really, I do kind of hope to get canned like you, have some time to do my own thing while having sustenance before heading back to grad school. I tried the arriving late / leaving early thing but no one ever notices
Been out of the clubbing scene for ages, but "poshest" would probably be Republic or Caprice on Granville based on memory. Celebrities, Odyssey, Cambie (which I thought was just a rowdy ass pub?) and the Roxy definitely don't fit the bill. Well, unless you're into dudes apart from straight nights for the first two, or 35+ year old white women for the latter. Last club I went to was Fortune Sound which was good. As for the restaurants, there is nothing wrong with any of...
Douchefriend remotely reminds me of another fellow I know. We share common interests, played in a band together in the past and he's done me quite a few favors so I still make time to hang out with him, despite his common "character flaws" with your d-friend: -Same height and similar ethnicity -Not a bad looker, and actually pretty fit and athletic -Also has the inferiority complex of "short Asian syndrome" - frequently complains he isn't white or taller and visibly...
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