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Funny, I was looking at the same suit just now by coincidence. With the pants it comes out to around $193 I think, plus applicable taxes. For that price it's hard to go too wrong, but I really don't know much about this "Factory" line and how much it differs from the rest of J. Crew
Only worn a few times. APC polo with alternating yellow/grey stripes from their "Madras" line. Size small and fits true to size (fits a chest 36-38). $20 shipped CONUS or Canada.
A. testoni brown loafers in brandy. Size 9.5D. Made in Italy. Loafers fit true to size. Uppers are in good shape with minor discoloration at the toe. Soles are in worn shape. Comes with the original box and dust bag. $40 shipped continental US or Canada.
Really depends on what level of unstylish you are talking about. There is the well put together but can't/won't afford high quality goods, which is perfectly fine... these often end up looking "bohemian chic" and I really can't be too bothered even if the only shops they ever go to are J.Crew and Club Monaco... you could do a lot worse. Then there are those who don't care about style at all, has a closet dominated by A&F, Guess and hundreds of cheap flip flops and sandals....
J.crew shawl collar sweater, 100% cotton and beige. Very warm and thick. Size small. sold
I've met Jet as an extra on a set. One of the most boring dudes ever and very, very short. I've even physically touched him! (that is, his shoe kicked my head on set. didn't even get a handshake ). I'd still consider being his PA, it's not an everyday opportunity. What do you reckon the pay would be?
Yeah, pretty insane stuff but SW&D is your calling......
Yeah I have to side with Metlin now. I gave the used clothes thing a chance when I was on a college budget, but virtually nothing has ever gone well with the exception of ties, watches and outer coats. It's not even the fit issue - they have all fit as described - but the hygiene has been very spotty, for both eBay or B&S (and this is from established members). Literally, it's NWT or bust for me for everything else (or at worse, the very fuzzy "NWOT" as long as the...
New Posts  All Forums: