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Rachel Comey Uncle Dan Oxford in White/Taupe leather with a rubber sole and a five-eye lace up panel. Size US 9-9.5 (Note that Rachel Comey usually requires sizing down. I am a true US9 and I found this shoe a bit on the large side but still comfortable. 9.5 would find this perfect). Heel is about 1". Used for a couple of seasons, probably worn out a dozen times. The shoe is in great condition but the uppers are showing signs of wear (discoloration and creases, see...
How does one "give up" a job search? Don't you continue to go on until something falls on your lap, incrementally accepting lower and lower standards? Or do they just decide to become homeless?
Hand lotion, sunscreen, nail clipper, floss, toothpaste and facial moisturizer. I like being able to go directly to an event after work instead of having to go home to brush up if I had a long day and I look like ass at 6PM.
Style Forum, where single unhappy men come together to vent
I have a stupid habit of taking them off frequently as they are generally uncomfortable on my wrist after a long day, especially while travelling which I do quite often throughout the year. I've lost an average of one every couple of years ever since I've started working and each of the watches have been at least $300-$500. I can stomach randomly losing something cheap and replaceable and chalk it up to incidental travel expenditure. They're honestly the only things I ever...
Thanks for the ideas. I had the Seiko 5 in mind but was hoping to see if there was anything else. The seagull watches look really good - not sure about the quality, I've never heard of the brand but will take a closer look. Can't find anything I like for less than $150 yet from them though
So I have this problem where I'm constantly denting, scratching or even losing watches, the last victim being a nice Hamilton Khaki hence outside of formal occasions I would rather wear something cheap and disposable for daily use and travelling. What would you recommend I look into? Strictly nothing over $150 new or used. I'm not as concerned about mechanics as I am about having something with a good, timeless style. One of my favorite looking, more affordable watches is...
I received these as a gift but have no need for them as I already have another pair in a similar style. They are brand new and have never been worn, except for the box having been opened to have a look at them and hence are in perfect condition. It comes with a case and pouch. The lenses are non-prescription, anti-reflective and polarized and the reviews for this pair are quite good. I'm looking for $180 shipped to Canada and the USA - they're currently being sold on most...
Funny, I was looking at the same suit just now by coincidence. With the pants it comes out to around $193 I think, plus applicable taxes. For that price it's hard to go too wrong, but I really don't know much about this "Factory" line and how much it differs from the rest of J. Crew
Only worn a few times. APC polo with alternating yellow/grey stripes from their "Madras" line. Size small and fits true to size (fits a chest 36-38). $20 shipped CONUS or Canada.
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