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Superfuture-esque internet personalities. Sort of why I left SF in the first place.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Honestly for a bunch of frat boys or something, if it says semi formal there are going to be a bunch of dudes wearing khakis, striped button down shirts and ties. The ties will become half undone after 10 minutes and in an hour they will probably have the top 2-3 buttons undone and no ties. Even if people wear suits...they will probably have the jackets off as soon as they get there (I never get why...what was the point...
Damn the Palm Pre really looked good, I was really hoping it might be a hit but its prognosis looks grim No one who cares about fashion wears Crocs, so they don't really offend me despite how terrible they look (unlike True Religions, worn by people who invest their time and money into fashion and yet still look awful). I'd be a bit shocked if Old Navy croaked; not that I ever plan on buying anything there but they sell decent basics at that very modest price point.
Until Van gets its own MLS team, I'm rooting for Seattle to come out strong. Please don't be the embarassments Toronto has been...
No kidding, that outro is absolutely insane. Never liked Freebird that much except its solos anyhow
the air conditioned nightmare - Mr. Bungle
Weather Report Al Di Meola John Zorn Secret Chiefs 3 Cynic
Five I aspire to build a wardrobe out of, once I find out how to become moneyed: Jil Sander Y's Lanvin Hermes Martin Margiela Five I currently am affording to build a wardrobe out of, due to peasantry paycheque: APC Paul Smith Wings + Horns J. Lindeberg Filippa K Five if I grew up in LA: Hugo Boss Burberry Lacoste Seven for All Mankind DSquared
APCs, Nudies. Fulfills my simple needs perfectly..
ugh. Those are all good ideas but too "risky" for someone like me. I'll either try to unload them for a decent price or use them as "vacation wear" or when visiting relatives. I tried them on with denim and they didn't look good with anything I have; linen trousers seem to be the best shot. I wish i received boat shoes instead, much more versatile.
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