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I think the saying around my workplace goes "I ask for forgiveness, not for permission" that said I will check-out of code solicitations and join this fellow in pleading ignorance.
Any idea when the last time that sale was, and has it been fairly consistent in timing?
TY, will monitor that site...so, anyone have a spare code Will share the next one (presuming it comes after every order?)
Wait, is it me or is this retailer a lot cheaper ordering into Canada than in the States? Has hell frozen over?? Could reallllllllllly use a code, been looking for a pair of APCs since they never have fit before (think I finally have figured out my right size after literally buying and subsequently selling two pairs that didn't work out).
Where is the cheapest that I can buy them and ship to the States for? Really don't want to pay $175 for these, seems overpriced. Azalea is $140 with a 20% off coupon code which is about the right price but they don't carry the size I need. Anyone find something in that range? FYI I wear a sz 30 and take a 29. 28 doesn't work for me, I can't button the top two buttons. I used to own a pair of APC NS in 28 hoping they would stretch enough and they never did. I am 6'0", 160...
Yeah I was there and there weren't any. Their worst warehouse sale in recent memory, veilance or not
Dope color, dope jacket
I'm thinking a few years down the line this is something I would want to get into. What are my chances though, and any thoughts on improving upon them? Profile in two years' time (ideally): -MSc. resource management -Worked for government in environmental regulation/policy development and industry in environmental consulting. Want to get into oil&gas consulting as an eventual way into management consulting -No business experience or background however - strengths and...
Never worn, no tags but essentially brand new. Shirt as shown here: http://www.firmamentberlin.com/arcteryx_veilance/22576/unit_shirt.html - plain weave - 48% cotton, 39% polyester, 13% nylon - DWR treated - raglan sleeves - laminated zippered sleeve pocket - hidden stealth snap closure and cuff Sizing: Tagged as small. Pit to pit - 22" Shoulder to shoulder - 18" Shoulder to cuff - 25" 1/2 waist - 20" Note: p2p/s2s/s2c measurements are approximate as the raglan...
Think I'm going to settle on the Everlane weekender. Excellent recommendation for the price
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