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So I managed to score something like these recently - - wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to wear them with? Admittedly it was an impulse buy but it was always something I had wanted and now I'm stuck wondering what would not look ridiculous with them. I've got a pair of slim fit shorts and trousers, both in light grey that seem to look pretty good with them. Jeans, of course,...
Belted trench coat from the Comme Des Garcons x H&M collection in 2008. Wool shell, acetate lining. Excellent condition, barely used with no visible defects or markings on the trench whatsoever. Made in Romania. Price includes shipping to the US and Canada. Tagged as a 38R in size. Measurements as follows: 20" pit to pit 19" shoulder to shoulder 38" jacket length 23" sleeve length
Very gently used Diesel blazer/sportcoat. Tagged as "Only the brave". 100% tough cotton exterior, cow hide leather trim on the lapels. Excellent condition. Price includes shipping to Canada and the US. It is a size M, but will fit a true size S. Measurements are as follows: 18" pit-to-pit 17" shoulder-to-shoulder 26.5" jacket length 22.5" sleeve length
Looking for this one from Barney's, but in small - http://www.barneyswa...;teryx Veilance I'll pay $600, same price as Barney's, shipped to somewhere in the USA for it. As long as the jacket hasn't been ripped, damaged, marked or stained in some way it doesn't matter how old or how long you've used it for. thanks. Long shot but a miracle could happen
I've been a condo kind of guy all my life, even though I grew up in a house. Now that I've finally started to mortgage a new condo development in an urban area, a lot of the things I didn't anticipate in apartment living are beginning to piss me off. For starters, dirtbags who don't even dispose of the trash properly by just dumping things into the hallways, guys who can't park and go partly into your cramped parking space and people moving in furniture at 3AM in the...
apple fanboy haters gonna hate. the phone's sweet my company's planning on picking up the Q10 when it launches for the balance feature mainly. it's very easy to implement and the security features are quite promising. for the UI itself, the swipe gestures make the home button look pretty stupid - I never liked it and double tapping to access apps (which aren't even able to run in the background on iOS, just hiding out) is just so...2007.
I'm not even sure if this is trolling or sarcasm. It's not remotely frequent that you can pop in and bag a $100 Boglioli or $400 RLBL suit, and trying to find a used suit on the Buy&Sale in the color, cut and size that you want (without even trying on) is not good advice for someone new to buying suits. Let's stick to realistic options where he can walk in a store and get something he sees and likes.What about Indochino? Take some measurements of yourself and see what you...
Just saw these at the Norse store for 108 Euros, is that a decent price? Do you guys in the States get dinged customs for when you get items from the Eurozone? I live across the border and shipping to either a US proxy or a Canadian address is the same price.
Most of these girls already look very good based on their physical appearance sans clothing... would be interesting to see if excellent fashion sense in a woman can carry an otherwise plain or homely appearance (meaning face-wise. Nothing can really help overweight girls frankly apart from a 2 year gym membership)
I think the saying around my workplace goes "I ask for forgiveness, not for permission" that said I will check-out of code solicitations and join this fellow in pleading ignorance.
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