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Thanks guys, good suggestions, will be checking them out. Keep them coming if anyone thinks of something else... just went from having 0 options to having at least a couple now. A few more would be great
I've been looking locally and online for a three piece suit for a wedding for a while and haven't come up with anything reasonable (Under $1500 taxes in is my budget). All I'm picky about is the color (navy) and the fabric (just no polyester-sheen). The result of my 2 months of hunting has been a Boss 3-piece which comes to $1400 with taxes that several friends have convinced me that, despite being a spectacular fit, is a horrible deal for the label. I don't have the same...
I'm of descent, and would have to say the best Chinese food here belongs to:T.PotGinger Beef in Country Hills NEPeking Dragon on 4thSun Chiu Kee BBQFor Taiwanese, bubblemania ain't so bad but the menu is very scant. If you don't like fried rice, don't go.Anything in Chinatown is horrid. Greasy, unauthentic and a little too 'westernized'.
I use it as an inexpensive daily facial moisturizer. Works pretty well for me and may have helped my acne a bit (at least it has not worsened it)
I like it, and wish more companies would go in this direction for smartwatches. I'd never fully replace mechanical watches with them for more formal functions and occasions but I can see these being my day-to-day pieces when the aesthetics finally arrive.
Amen man. I spent all those years trying so hard to live a normal life with a mortgage, a long term partner, and a stable well-paying job, and all I'm left wondering is is this what it all has amounted to? With technological and health advances, barring global catastrophe I should have another 60 years to live. Is this it? Work hard at my job, get the annual raise/biannual promotion, come home, pay the bills, buy some groceries, read a couple of books, travel a couple of...
Cheating's only the fault of the person who is currently attached, but that's very IMHO. OP I get this a lot. Tread carefully
I went from Hong Kong -> Vancouver -> Calgary. The cold gets to you and takes a while to adjust. Everything they tell you about layering, dressing warmly and staying indoors really doesn't make irrelevant how bitterly miserable you can be just being surrounded by snow cover that lasts for a quarter of a year. I don't know what your conditions would be like in your city, but it's very unpleasant for a pansy who likes warm weather like myself to even bother going outside in...
$7.5k. Gonna be a relatively small and inexpensive wedding to balance it out. Thought paying a bit more for a material item that would be worn for a lifetime supersedes the ridiculous expenditures some people put into a single day.
I've always liked BR a bit more than J.Crew. Stores always "felt" more premium and upscale, luxurious at an affordable price. J.Crew panders too much to SW&D crowd, trying to look too "hip" and "modern". If you know what you are doing you can look reasonably sharp shopping at BR. The shirts and suits there are very ill-fitting admittedly, but their knits and trousers are fine. Fashion doesn't have to be a science of A>B.
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