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Tried a new bourbon last weekend.....Redemption High-rye Bourbon. The salesman told me that it has a higher rye content than most bourbons. I found it to be far smoother than KC, EC or Bulleit. You can definitely note the rye. Overall I found it to be quite different than other bourbons I've tasted....mellower.
Athens for a couple of days then hop the ferry to Mykonos then Santorini....end on Ios.
to the OP....don't just think about the perception of a program from the eyes of an employer upon graduation. Think about the alumni base and how it may help you throughout your career. I chose Tuck in large part because of its active and highly supportive alumni base. I don't know anything about the Yale SOM alumni but I suspect that it would be a supportive group given the size of the program.
Worst...I had the misfortune of being ill while awaiting a delayed departure at Nairobi's Kenyatta airport...oh, and there was an electrical problem so no AC and only emergency lighting. Lovely. Best....I like the new terminal at SXM...and the boat to Anguilla is still right across the road.
Was in Phuket years ago....spent a week at Amanpuri... beautiful setting....IIRC this was the first Aman property, others are a bit nicer in my opinion but the service here was exceptional. Only went to Patong once and beat a hasty retreat.
I'm a big fan of less thing to worry about in the summer....try the Converse Jack Purcells by Varvatos....very comfortable.
The Canali herringbone looks grey on my screen....or am I seeing things?
I know its a bit shallow but I can't bring myself to use a rolling bag of any me it screams male flight attendant (not that there's anything wrong with that). I travel 2x per month and have been using the same Tumi tri-fold garment bag for almost 15 years. It's incredibly durable and the ballistic nylon is lightweight. But the best part is that it's got such a low profile that you really never have to worry about getting overhead storage. ...
I had a strange experience with CJ. I placed an order specifically requesting no points. However they sent the gloves with points and a note that stated the wait time would have been too long to fill the order as requested. I would have thought an email or phone call prior to shipping would have been appropriate. I did receive the gloves within 2 weeks and and pleased with their quality overall, despite the service issue.
i bought a navy cucinelli polo with a white collar and placket precisely because it looked different...and the colors really offset one another. It is a great look.
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