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So is the OP's issue the quality of Apple's earbuds or the volume?
Go Jumbos!
Tufts University Tuck at Dartmouth
mirepoix.....incredibly handy when cooking ragu, etc. Never seen it anywhere else.
i was always told to never call the fraternity a frat....because you wouldn't call your country a c___.
+1 on Dupont. I've had 2 palladium Orpheos....sadly I left one on a plane. I had heard that there was a fire at the Dupont factory and they were consequently havong prodcution issues?
Quote: Originally Posted by thrice Managua, Nicaragua. Nothing of merit in Managua, and the people are unpleasant. Also.... Scilly Cay Las Vegas Brno
I've run into this as well. Likewise I find that some white/cream pants allow underwear to show through (at least darker colored boxers). My solution has been to just keep shopping around....I find that cucinelli pants are typically opaque.
Quote: Originally Posted by tgfny Vilbrequin +1...I prefer their board shorts with the cross ties....I find their sizing to be very strange. I'm a 32" but fit best with a Vilbrequin XL. Strange, but then again the French like their swimsuits tight.
Casa Tua, book a table outside
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