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Circo is reliable but unremarkable. I used to work in the building and went there frequently....never had a terrible meal but never a memorable one either. The only thing of note is that it's owned by Sirio Maccioni's sons. And I suppose the decor is fun, but getting a little tired.
saw Foster the People live last son wanted to go. Was only somewhat familiar with their album but came away a big fan. Great live show.
Couldn't agree more. It's funny, but I've read reviews that criticize the cx16 (the assumption is Jaguar will badge it the XE in production) for its unimaginative design....but I find it to be timeless. I just turned in my XK at lease end and couldn't have been more pleased with the ownership experience. I hope that Jaguar updates the XK along these lines.....they're stunning. Although I do admit that at times I felt like I was driving a poor man's Aston....but that's...
Christofle flatware....beautifully made and they have timeless designs.
can't be bothered to read through this string to see if this topic has already been covered...actually, I assume it has.....but since the new site launched my visits have decreased dramatically. I'm a bit of a lurker but have purchased $000's of clothing in B&S. I really did love coming here but the load time of the new ads have chased me off. Completely understand the desire to monetize styleforum (I would do the same) but the execution is so poor that traffic will...
Just getting into cycling. Rode ~38 mi. @ 17.7 mph. Pretty flat course. I'm finding it's great exercise and easy on the knees. Also realizing it's much better to ride with friends than alone. Since I started about three months ago I've had 5 flats...two were at the same time courtesy of a pothole that I saw too late. A mixed bag but a fair amount of home goods...the design aesthetic isn't really my cup of tea. I've actually purchased several things from One Kings Lane and have been pleased with the quality and, believe it or not, the packaging. They have a nice way of throwing in small gifts with your order....notebooks, candles, etc.
Taking off your ski boots after another beautiful day in Deer Valley
^^^^^ philippe starck designed that monstrosity.
Salf & peper and minced rosemary. I also picked up the habit of a squirt of fresh lemon on the steak right off the grill....a Tuscan trick.
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