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^^^ I thought the same thing re: Craster. He should have scraggly hair down to his waist. And there seemed to be far more daughter-wives than I recall from the book. Melisandre didn't have the presence I imagined. But I thought the onion knight casting was excellent.
The Ritz is fine..rooms are unremarkable. The lobby bar is a nice space. I prefer the Four's in a slightly better neighborhood and they have an excellent Sunday brunch.
They just renovated the hamman across from the Aya Sofia.....its beautiful and I highly recommend. If you can spare a day fly to Capadoccia.
Glad I planned a ski trip abroad this year with the lack of snow back home. Never been to Zermatt.....any recommendations would be appreciated. Oh, and we'll be in Milan for a couple of days as well so any recs there would be great. Thanks.
Cars are a personal taste but I find the current Acuras to be among the ugliest ever made. Have you considered the S5?
If you live in a colder weather climate I highly recommend a steam shower and radiant heating.
Just finished a 20k rebuilding of two chimneys, which were both previously rebuilt 13 years ago during an extensive remodel. I hate projects that are expensive but add nothing of value to my daily life And I hate dealing with roofers....because I'm not going up there to verify anything and even if I did I'm clueless.
Pavillon de la Reine is an excellent choice....I like the scale. the little quirks (the honor bar) and most of all the setting on the place des voges. And the Marais is a wonderful neighborhood.
viceroy on anguilla....perfect (IMHO) blend of Caribbean character and contemporary design
I have an '04 RR HSE and really have had very few complaints with reliability. I purchased it new and figured I would only keep it for the term of the warranty but given that I had so few issues I just hung onto it. Also helps that the body style really hasn't changed over the years. I understand that the model is due for a major re-design launching next year as a 2013 model, but who knows. I figure its in the shop maybe 2-3 times a year. Once for the mandatory...
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