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haha...busted. I was in LAX yesterday and three cops got on the plane and escorted a sketchy looking couple off the plane. I've never seen that before. I wondered why they let them on the plane in the first place.
Just back from Coachella....saw some amazing shows this year (fitz & the tantrums, we were promised jetpacks, awolnation, pulp, jimmy cliff, big pink, kaiser chiefs, grouplove) but the standout for me were the Hives... they really killed it...tremendous performance.
Bingo......it's the pates de fruits.....thank you!!!
Anybody going to Coachella?
On a related note I can't seem to find fruit pectin/pastilles online.....the kind I can find so easily in Paris and, curiously enough, the SXM airport. Any ideas?
a 10 cent note card and 30 seconds of time doesn't really constitute fancy packaging. But to each his own I suppose. And I never really thought of Kent Wang as a brand that fights on price.
I ordered a long sleeve rugby and feel the sleeves were just right. My only (slight) complaint was that they are cut fairly short at the waist. But very well constructed overall. Kent, a little constructive criticism/advice regarding your packaging...it's dreadful. Reminiscent of an ebay purchase....just a shirt in a plastic bag stuffed into a USPS envelope. I contrast this with purchases made from Howard Yount...thoughtfully packaged with a hand-written note. It's...
^^^ I thought the same thing re: Craster. He should have scraggly hair down to his waist. And there seemed to be far more daughter-wives than I recall from the book. Melisandre didn't have the presence I imagined. But I thought the onion knight casting was excellent.
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