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@ paradoxical3 - excellent critique and spot on. I'd just add that it is very helpful to have the email opt-in above the fold. You're spending money to drive traffic....capture as many emails as possible to monetize over time. Also, send samples to fashiob/style blogs....they're always looking for content.
It irritates me that supermarkets typically don't stock ground pork.
Dark & Stormy.....Goslings and Barritts.
I completely identify with this but the nature vs. nurture debate, at least for me, isn't even close. My experience with my children is that it's about 99% nature that guides behavior. Once I came to realize this I stopped trying to change them and focused on giving them as many opportunities to find a passion as possible. I had mine when I was 31 and 33 and I'll echo the opinion that there's never a right time.
Been going for kids spring break the last 7 years. Great island....a little tough to get to but that's what keeps it pretty low key. Years ago you could get dropped off & picked up by boat at your hotel's beach for transit to SXM which cut some time off the trip but the government put an end to that. For the most part we've stayed at Cuisinart but also tried Viceroy a couple of times. Very different experiences. Some excellent restaurants on the of the...
Very sad. I remember seeing them for the first time in '87 with Run DMC...amazing talents.
I've been on safari in Kenya and stayed at Ol Donyo Lodge in the Chyulu Hills. The lodge offered an interesting blend of luxury and camping. Each villa had a wall that was open to the plains and Kilimanjaro in the distance. It really gave you the feeling of camping but you still had your own plunge pool, etc. 12-13 days on safari seems long. Maybe it was just me but after 5-6 days I had seen enough. The 2 x day drives got a little boring. But a wonderful experience...
you should run your plastic cutting board through the dishwasher to sanitize periodically. I have a bamboo board that is very durable and lightweight. I bought a massive butcher block board years ago because I loved the look but it's so unwieldy that I never use it.
I bought these Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid old fashioneds when they were lead crystal....maybe 12 years ago.....but now they're glass. Still a great design.
I was wondering why the police didn't detain them prior to boarding. Why make a scene going to the back of the aircraft to escort them off. Perhaps there's a legal reason? Getting on a plane confirms an attempt at flight?
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