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Rosetti has some good lines but he's out of central casting for a goomba. Need more Chalky White!
Last episode was definitely a downer......but Juice is coming on strong as the best character in the show.
Yes, Cappadocia.....beautiful part of the world!
Margaret and Nucky seem a little tense. Surprised he forgave her for signing over the land to the church.
I had the misfortune of having a meeting in trump tower......throngs inside that place, and there's nothing to see except for the motorcycle from american chopper.
^ I tend to be in either midtown or downtown and in august those areas are crawling with 'em. Sad about the empire state building shooting last week.
I don't least new yorkers all pretty much get the rules (stand to the right on an escalator, a midtown sidewalk during rush hour isn't the right time or place for a leisurely stroll, let people off the subway before trying to get on, etc.)'s the tourists in the summer that make the city a little less tolerable.
when our kids were younger we went through 4 or 5 au pairs over a 6 or seven year period. BTW, they can extend their term by a year which is a nice option if things are working out well. Although now that I think about it maybe the second year was not part of the formal program...but it's quite common. It's almost impossible to get an accurate sense of the au pair from the phone interview and application. It really is hit or miss. We were given advice to request...
It's the real deal. I believe it's still brewed in Bermuda. Reeds from Jamaica is another good choice.
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