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Passion Pit / Matt & Kim at the garden the snow...
It makes me sad that there are college students that aspire to be lawyers.
Vail is an alpine version of disneyland. Beaver Creek is a more compact version of Vail. They're both fairly soulless. Aspen is an authentic town. Durango is another old mining town you might like.
"well, life is full of disappointments." The new guy Quinn is stealing the show.
I'm guessing he's going to end up in bed with Carrie.
Great scene with Rosetti stumbling naked down the hall grunting like a bull. Something tells me he's going to come looking for Nucky next week.
Goggins was great. Can't wait for Justified to come back. When Jax opened that cooler at the end......I was expecting something else.
Saw these guys at Coachella.....excellent live band
Pretty good with vodka as well.
Chantal. I should be seriously embarrassed that I've been drawn into the gallery girls train wreck but she is loathsome.
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