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I was a big fan of Bogner for years but last season I bought Kjus pants and jacket and have been extremely pleased. Not only is the technical design excellent, but they are slim fit and are by far the most flattering gear I've worn (or seen).
Just ordered a pair of the 140s....amazed that there was almost nothing left in 32". Any idea when you will re-stock?
you and your wife need to divide and conquer....if you stick together you'll never cover enough ground in 3-4 hours.
darted through quickly but did see a number of Barbera shirts for $50ish...lots of 40/41/42.
I have dozens of Charvets but my problem hasn't been with snags, it has been with fraying. The material at the point frays relatively quickly on some of the ties with a looser weave. I trim the ends but I keep meaning to get that anti-fray liquid....I hear it works. Anybody have any experience using it?
pm sent on the other pair of blue & yellow links.....thx
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