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Just ordered a pair of the 140s....amazed that there was almost nothing left in 32". Any idea when you will re-stock?
you and your wife need to divide and conquer....if you stick together you'll never cover enough ground in 3-4 hours.
darted through quickly but did see a number of Barbera shirts for $50ish...lots of 40/41/42.
I have dozens of Charvets but my problem hasn't been with snags, it has been with fraying. The material at the point frays relatively quickly on some of the ties with a looser weave. I trim the ends but I keep meaning to get that anti-fray liquid....I hear it works. Anybody have any experience using it?
pm sent on the other pair of blue & yellow links.....thx
pm sent
PM sent
PM sent
Beautiful jacket! How much fabric to let out the sleeves?
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