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I just received my first shipment from NMWA and I applaud the little touches that made the unboxing so pleasant. Apart from the product (an Esemplare sweater) which was excellent, I truly appreciated the packaging, the receipt envelope and the personal note from Greg. Well done and thank you!
I hadn't been before....was actually a nice venue....clearings in a forest. Very relaxed alcohol policy as well. Drew 60k/day.
Caught Sunday @ Firefly. Who knew there were that many people in Delaware? Vampire Weekend set was great.
I always end up smelling of tandoori when I leave an Indian restaurant. Turkish is among my favorite ethnic cuisines. Meze and simple grilled seafood and meats. Extra bonus for being paleo friendly.
For extra seating....perhaps a pair of low stools on the far side of the coffee table? I've often seen Chinese garden stools used for supplemental seating when space is limited. They can also serve as a side table until needed for seating.
Foo, I don't think this room works for entertaining....there isn't enough seating. I don't think the lounge chair works with the room....seems better suited for an office. The geometric rug is too fussy...better to opt for something cleaner and less busy. I always feel that a room's personality should evolve from one piece....usually artwork. What will adorn the walls?
I'd recommend sticking to the northeast corridor.....the cities that run from DC in the south to Boston in the north. As circumspice points out, these cities are all very accessible by train or bus. I would recommend the train...more predictable schedule. Traffic along 95 (the major roadway that connects these cities) can be awful depending on the time of day. And while the bus service is very cheap there have been some safety issues. In Boston I would add the Isabella...
We stayed at the Park Hyatt last year....excellent location and great service. I'd also recommend the Navigli district/neighborhood. We happened to be there the one day a month they have an outdoor flea market and it was a great experience. Also there are loads of great cafes lining the canal.
Few Rye Whiskey.....I'm a bourbon guy but a friend gave me a bottle of Few Rye and I find it fascinating. Incredibly smooth with a very unusual mouthfeel. I didn't find it too spicy..more balanced with a bit of sweetness from the corn. Cool bottle as well.
That trumped up little twit fred castleberry is pissing me off. He's a fucking wedding photographer from texas that has somehow, beyond reason, convinced the gormless that he understands prep style. Unbelievable.
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