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Psyched to be going to my 5th Coachella with my son this April!!!
Blood Meridian by COrmac McCarthy.....makes No Country For Old Men read like a fairy tale.
I'm sure you've seen this picture from Sochi's cross-country and biathlon center......
Fred Castleberry is suggesting that wearing a wool sweater under a rugby shirt is creative layering. Stupidest thing I've heard in a long, long time. And popping his collar all the while.
I was really looking forward to Wolf of Wall Street but it was dreadful. Bloated, boring and chock full of cliches. Might have been a decent movie if it was edited down to 90 minutes. Some great acting.....but that couldn't overcome the shitty script and lack of editing.
I just received my first shipment from NMWA and I applaud the little touches that made the unboxing so pleasant. Apart from the product (an Esemplare sweater) which was excellent, I truly appreciated the packaging, the receipt envelope and the personal note from Greg. Well done and thank you!
I hadn't been before....was actually a nice venue....clearings in a forest. Very relaxed alcohol policy as well. Drew 60k/day.
Caught Sunday @ Firefly. Who knew there were that many people in Delaware? Vampire Weekend set was great.
I always end up smelling of tandoori when I leave an Indian restaurant. Turkish is among my favorite ethnic cuisines. Meze and simple grilled seafood and meats. Extra bonus for being paleo friendly.
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