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Thanks for your reply...I will look into Dior as well.
I started a post about having to go to a wedding and asked for some thoughts on what I should wear..I've decided to go to Tom Ford to have the suit made unless anyone has a better suggestion...I thought Daniel Craig's suit were very nice in the last Bond movie and we are built along the same lines although I'm not as muscular as him so I thought I could have a suit with the same cut I am going to post the process from start to finish on the styleforum my plan is to be the...
Also I plan on posting photos of the suit from start to finish..thinking of going to Tom ford any thoughts about their suits or does anyone have ideas on other tailors that they would suggest?
I like that idea... what would be the best combination?
Thanks that sounds really nice..any color ideas for the tie?
First I wanted to tell everybody on the styleforum that your insights and opinions have been invaluable and that in my opinion you have made this the very best site there is on mens style. The reason I am posting today is I have to go to a wedding in late October and it will be loaded with wealthy people and very fashionable people as well..I'm sure everybody will be dressed to the hilt so basically I want to show up looking my best. I'm planning on going next week and...
Are these shoes still for sale...
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