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Bass Barrets are fresh. For people who can't afford Mcnairy. Perfect summer shoe.
The oxford chambrays are on sale ?! I've been waiting for them to drop in sale. They were like 120 bucks last time I went. They fit me amazing though.
Here is a decent amount of whiteish summer shoes. Non baller status.
Funny how I said vans ripped off common projects and 99% of this forum disagreed with me. But the first thing mentioned when asked what is a cheaper similar shoe too CP low summer achilles is the shoe I posted. Btw, I bought these vans from k-loop. Got them for 40 bucks with discount code. Never thought I would shop at that site. I went true to size and they fit perfect. Same size as my common projects.
Made in USA. Short as fuck inseam though. These are their new lower profile model, with a heavier canvas (10 ounces). Jet was right about him not remembering vans having such a smaller sole.....just released these this s/s.
I've gotten multiple PMs asking me where to get these vans at. I checked their main site, our affiliates, and quick search on google....nothing. I found the pic on tumblr, for all I know the pic could have been photoshopped =/ If anyone can find a site to buy em', it would be much apperciated.
I got quite a few PMs asking where to kop the boring, ugly, non similar looking CP Vans at. Any help ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear I didn't know there was any ripping off in the clothing business. So who is ripping who off when they are making rigid trousers in denim and dying it with indigo? Any company that is using rigid denim + indigo = biteing off Levis. But on a serious note, there most is def some ripping off in the clothing business. Urban outfitters copying other brands and getting sued for it, the whole red tab back...
Quote: Originally Posted by astris So a shoe that was designed in 1975 by Tony Alva is a ripoff of a current pair of Common Projects? Interesting logic. Show me a shoe from Vans that has the same all white sleek silhouette, with gum sole that came out before CP. Its not that uncommon for a clothing brand that is much older then other brands to imitate newer more popular brands and styles.
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