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they're awesome, just wish some models weren't so clunky, i'm a center lo guy myself
don't like the adidas on the mid sole, could probably scrape it off though right?
looking for something low, flat, black in leather, only thing i've found are pf flyer center lo which i just trashed after a solid run
looking for some all black beater flats, thread bump PS: What the hell happened to this thread, the last 6 months have been horrid in the world of affordable shoes
Don't really need to explain much more. $55 shipped anywhere in North America
does anyone know of a parcel receiving service/company in Portland? headed down from Vancouver BC in a couple weeks and wanted to do some online shopping prior and have it waiting for me when i get there
i dunno, i always contact them when i have problems with my jeans though
the same quality you'd expect from the people making them, since they are the people making them. i'm in canada so it's probably not an equivalent comparison for shipping
yup guess so, i've had 2 or 3 pairs done
contact N&F and they'll reinforce them
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