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clubbing, just buy cheap black shoes, like some kenneth cole reaction or steve madden. ~$60. they are cheap and disposable, but not so cheap that it gives u blisters. people step on u all the time at the club. depends what clubs u go to, but most places pair of cheap slacks and a button up shirt and ur fine. or a pair of dark jeans with a button up shirt. you can just do a pinstripe shirt, or something loud. honestly people are out to have a good time, add a couple drinks...
chestnut or walnut. the chestnut a bit lighter, walnut a bit darker. if u live near a nordstrom u can stop by pop open the bottles and check the color of the cream. browns are too dark, and the chilli is a little too red. i use neutral wax polish and it doesn't darken my shoes. u gotta get a good brush or cotton rag and buff it out real good. or have a buffing machine.
neutral has no color pigment. and shoe cream is different from shoe polish. polish gives it a shine, cream conditions/moisturizes and it restores colors.
alot of sales after xmas to take a look at. buy what fits you well. alot of guys on this forum buy some nice good quality clothes, however many of them are also older. if your 20ish years old theres alot of styles on this site that aren't your age. you need brown shoes. black shoes only go well with a black suit, everything else goes better with brown. get something that fits well and of good quality. get a several pairs if u can, and rotate them, put shoe trees in...
If you are talking about polish, just use neutral polish. It puts a shine on a shoe without affecting color. that way you can use 1 polish for all your shoes.
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