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Go to nordstrom and ask them if they have shoe bags, the shoes you bought from them were missing them. The store that i worked at had a trashbag with like 1000 shoe bags. Especially with men's half yearly coming up, we take all the paper, tissue and shoe bags out of the sale shoes so theres like a bunch of ferragamo bags santoni etc.
of those i like the zegna the best. it's a bit conservative, but classic hugo boss shoes use cheap materials to make, i don't really like em. I like a couple prada shoes, they have a nice tuxedo shoe i like. I dunno where you live but in the US theres some sales going on, and more after xmas so i'd check those out sometimes you get some nice ones. I usually shop for shoes in similar price range, I got a couple facconable shoes, some santoni like the james, and jaron,...
38s-40s although, went home to norcal for holidays
o.o i live in la jolla, a couple minutes from the la jolla marshalls. i could walk there in about 7minutes. driving about 2 minutes. i shall check it out. never knew what marshalls had
I use a pink tie with a bit of silver in it
Hard to say. I don't mind paying full retail, but then sometimes esp nowadays you walk into a store and almost everything is discounted I find that when there are sales, people grab all my sizes leaving nothing but like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Plus I hate long lines, and I hate the feeling that other people keep trying on my clothes with their sweaty 3 day in a row no shower dirtiness or their fungal infected feet. That being said I don't buy stuff at...
I'd change the tie, ur shirt is plaid, and u have a plaid design on ur tie. overdoing a bit.
I use D&G Light Blue. sometimes Burberry london by burberry. light blue my fav. ADG gives me a headache. i like polo black. It's mostly up to your own preference. The main thing is never bathe in it. overusing cologne turns anything fragrance bad.
they dc'd park avenue but they put in the soho, cap toe very similar, but a diff last and imo looks better a bit longer nd more elegant.
i'm probably wrong, but they look a bit like some female ferragamo aviators i got for my sister
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