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I actually ended up going with this double breasted topcoat from Brooks Brothers:,default,pd.html. It's really nice, although sometimes I wish the lapels were a little wider and peak vs notch. However, J. Crew recently came out with this version of a double breasted coat, which I would certainly consider if I hadn't already purchased the Brooks Brothers one:...
I will also look in these, thanks.
Pants should be pulled up higher, otherwise good fit.
Excellent, thank you.Oddly enough I've been looking at suit supply stuff recently, so maybe I'll give them a try with an overcoat. Thanks for this!
Thank you for the reply, however I don't see a brand called "Luigi Bianchi Mantova" on YOOX, and the only Eidos overcoat option I see that fits my criteria doesn't look warm enough, and only comes in a 52, whereas I usually wear a 38s.
All, I'm looking for an overcoat for this winter. I want something like the J Crew offering in terms of style, but obviously I'd prefer something with more quality, i.e. isn't an overpriced piece of garbage. I've checked out Brooks Brothers offerings and I don't really see anything inspiring. My requirements are simple: I'd like it to be gray (leaning towards more of a charcoal, although I could possibly go for a lighter coat), I'd prefer for it to be single breasted,...
No tie? Patch pockets? Are those black jeans? Amazing combination; jeans could be tighter though.
Sorry, I didn't understand what they were. In that case I think they're entirely too casual for this outfit. I'm not sure if it's the shirt or sport coat that really clashes with them (I'd have to see the outfit with different pants), but it looks like an odd mix of formal and informal.
Trousers are too dark, trouser legs are too wide, boots need to be polished, and even then, those boots do not work with that outfit at all IMO.
Sorry, I thought the point of this thread was for people to post their outfits, and then for other people to post their critiques and/or compliments.I didn't realize this was a compliment only thread.I'm sorry.What I meant to say was purposely unbuttoning two entirely different buttons on two separate sleeves, and then taking a photo focusing almost specifically on this aspect of the outfit, doesn't look affected or gauche at all, but instead looks totally sprezzatura. I...
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