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Quote: Originally Posted by Blown01NJ Which do you think would go better with light to dark grey suits? The dark brown will pop with your grey suits. It's not even close, IMO. Black shoes are for interviews, court and formal wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by phillyesq I'm not big on wearing a suit without a tie, but done right it can look fine. I'll often wear a blazer or sportcoat without a tie. Whether wearing a suit or just a jacket without a tie, I think a pocket square is a nice touch. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Dark suit like charcoal or dark navy (not black , you're not a waiter!) with an open white shirt . The dark suit will make you slimmer and will be versatile enough to go clubbing without looking like an Igent on vacations. No pocket square, no tie. +1 on the dark suit
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert is there a reason why American tie stripes have a negative gradient as oppposed to british tie stripes which have a positive gradient? am i just imagining this? You are not imagining it. British regimental ties traditionally indicate membership in a club, military regiment, school. In the States, repp ties are generally worn with no connotation of group membership and are made with stripes in the...
It's garbage. Any progressive betting system is a fool's errand.
solid burgundy or navy grenadine Get both so you can wear one for your second interview.
The quality is better than I expected for a $15 tie, but it is still a chinese made product. It will never be confused for a $75+ tie, but if you are on a tight budget, you can do much worse.
Black pants are for waiters and rock stars
I would trade out the white button down with a more colorful shirt. A navy or purple gingham underneath the sweater would still be conservative, but it would bring some life to the outfit.
Wear what makes you most comfortable. In two weeks everyone with stop making their snarky little comments even sooner if you are ready with some quips of your own. I recently had somewhat of a similar epiphany on how I dress outside the office. I realize with two young girls at home, I don't want to look like the dad trying too hard to be cool. Goodbye stan smith and hello brogues on the weekend.
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