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Just double checked measurements. Everything is spot on with what I submitted except for the mid, which is an inch larger than requested. Oh well. Maybe the cutters couldn't taper enough given the length.I'll have it taken in a bit some day down the line.
aug 2013 moto
Soon! Can't right now. Fit is almost perfect. Funny enough the areas I was most worried about - shoulder width, sleeve length, body length - are dead on perfect. I think it could use a little more taper through the mid but that's about it. Maybe not though... the columnar look might just be an effect of my narrow shoulders relative to waist. No perceivable flaws. I don't know anything about leather quality so can't really speak to that. Lamb's a little veiny but it's...
Well shit I can't believe it but I got my jacket.
Yeah it showed up in Canada on Canada Post this evening. Track-trace is still reading it's stuck in Incheon so must have been a tracking number problem on the Asia side.
Dude whatever. Ignore the noise in here. Log out and wear in good health.
Well my jacket is still dicking around in Incheon.... so not quite free yet.
4 zip gunmetal. I don't really care about veins or anything like that as long as they are consistent. All I care is that it fits and meets my specs and that the leather isn't flimsy shit that will fall apart in 3 years. Seems like yours meets those criteria.
Moto 2011.
Looks a touch big but that's probably just your outfit. Sweet man!
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