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Jesus Christ.. I'm not saying it isn't common sense, but when someone comes in here acting as if they have insider knowledge ("the truth") and claiming a position of authority on an otherwise very complicated matter, I am interested in verifying that they do indeed have that insider knowledge.
My point is I don't even know who P_F is much less why I should trust his word/opinion more than anybody else's in this thread.
But the information isn't specific. Anybody who has followed Drew on instagram and Facebook knows he has owned at least 2 BMWs and dines out at fancy restaurant a lot. Anybody who is friends with him on Facebook knows that he is American (midwest) and went to Mizzou.You're claiming some sort of infallible insider knowledge that only a personal friend or law enforcement/investigator could know, but you aren't providing any information that isn't already known.Fair enough...
Dude i hear you. I just want to know what your position is that differentiates you from every single other speculator in this thread.
Hi Prada,Where are you getting your information from? As of right now, it is nothing that could not be gleamed from being friends with Drew on facebook/instagram and knowing his post history back to 2009 or so.
Cash liquidity = has the cash on hand (or the liquifiable assets) to see all the orders through.
My experience is different from yours, with someone close to me having openly communicated a desire to kill him/herself, being talked down from it, then only to do it later. Even if the chances of him "going through with it" are slim, the fact that the thread has moved way beyond talking about leather jackets into the very real territory of depression/suicide, is alarming.
Don't be a dick. They've both offered to work with Drew multiple times on this. I don't have the respect or trust here to volunteer myself.
100% agreed. Strongly. If Fok and DWW are up for it, I want to nominate them to work 2-on-1 with Drew toward a resolution... basically give them absolute power in this. Brad-t too if he is willing, since he seems to have a relationship of personal trust with Drew.It doesn't matter to me whether there is a chance Drew is lying. If there is any indication that he is thinking about or contemplating suicide, I think everyone needs to be sensitive toward that.The thread is out...
The writing style is unmistakably his.Drew, I'm sorry things have gone badly for you over the past few years and with this collection agency nonsense.Is there a realistic, viable way to move forward for all parties such that people are able to come out with jackets and/or refunds and you are able to come out without personal ruination?
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