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Bro just disappeared again?
There is no way Drew could have scammed people on Sufu with nobody here hearing about it.
JCrew 484 slim fit in "mountain olive," size 28x32. Unworn, unwashed, unhemmed. Still has the tag (though it has fallen off). Please excuse the shitty pictures.
That's kind of disconcerting either way.
Troll or...? how did he prove it?
I know. But you own a lot of leather jackets, don't you?. Does your ToJ feel like shit to you? If no, the question doesn't really matter... or it matters as much as it would for a Belstaff, or a Burberry, or a Rick, or a MMM.
Oh? Where'd you hear that Nino? What was the context? Etc.And sinnedk, it's possible any brand is using shit materials. To some extent, you're just relying on the PR man's word. You have a ToJ.. do you think it is complete garbage? Brad, do you think Drew sold you total garbage? Fok is your horse moto garbage? Etc. I knew the TOJ hype was eventually going to do a total 180 with this shit going on.Unless there's any basis for this sort of speculation, all it does is...
Right okay. Where is that off the rack claim coming from?
That's fine. But there isn't really a basis for Drew dodging US income taxes. And I do not know where this 2008 "custom tailored" thing came from and how it's relevant to the issue... ?Anyways, I appreciate you taking the steps to reach out to Drew.
What the fuck?
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