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Distorbiant is just crushing it with the humor these days.
The Amber Tort (yellow?) is a little too extreme for me, but I think the Olive is actually somewhat closer to a brown color than it is a green. Tough to tell though really...
I think all June orders are cleared out. But yeah in the next two months for sure. That is fucking crazy. Drew hasn't responded to any of my e-mails since I sent them last month. I'm sure he's doing shit and sending things out (a cursory glance at #templeofjawnz on instagram is proof of this) but come on.
@impolyt_one It's May 1 dude. Can you give an update on what's going on before somebody brings the hammer down on The Libertine again? Just a short "I'm working on x" will do.
Going to pick up a pair of O'Malleys but torn between the Olive Tortoise and the Brown Tortoise Cream. Olive skin tone, blackish-brown hair, dark brown eyes with a little more green than red tone. Getting these on Ebay and don't really have a chance to try either of them out (OP is sold out of both). Any advice on which I should go for?
Jesus Christ. It's like being stuck in fucking purgatory in here. Just send me my fucking jacket and let me leave Drew.
Didn't mean to be pretentious, just thinking in terms of "tiers" or whatever.. Harvard and Yale. East Coaster for life.
No viable long-term career prospects otherwise. Non-profits and academic work that I have done to date just isn't stable or lucrative. Alternative option is attending law school in Canada, where the market is more stable.Given my general interest in academia, fed, PI and that I can squeeze 25-35k of grants out of HYS per year... I'm thinking it might be worth the risk... Trick is I couldn't really return to Canada I guess.
Uh. Is this SomeT denim on sale or just "some denim"? If the former please direct me to it. If the latter, fuck right off.
Thanks. This is good advice. I unfortunately let my $$$ offers expire though (and they weren't significantly better than my grant offers from HYS) so it's down HYS or nothing. I also get the impression that where you went to school really does matter for the entry-level opportunities, which is half the battle for law grads these days.Any actual constructive advice Harold Falcon? I legitimately want your opinion.
New Posts  All Forums: