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This is phenomenal. Medium whiskey calf?
Bumping this from bottom of page.
Crowdsourcing this. I chew through the heels on my Indys like crazy (3-4 months avg). I can't find any cobblers in my (new) area that carry the asymmetrical heel. Can I source these anywhere myself? Anybody have similar experiences?
He probably purchased a moto or rider. Bombers have longer body lengths due to the ribbing.
What's your height/weight?
What's the big deal about RiRi zips vs. stock YKK? Do they really look/handle that much different?
Whoa whoa whoa.More pics of that grey lamb CM please.
Curious about the following measurements: Shoulder to shoulder across front? Sleeve length from underpit? Back length from bottom of collar?
I'm not in HK... I suppose I could order the fabric to them to have it made?
Anyone know if Peter Lee/Lee Baron carries Donegal and/or Harris tweed fabrics?
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