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Some of those allegations are really specious.
Wasn't that kid like 15 y/o?
Miles, where is that spreadsheet you had of the outstanding orders?
192 js0930 ($870) 193 hoppingtoad ($780) 194 seabrass ($780) 195 ricepick ($830) 196 gsafternoon ($780) 197. cellardoors ($1020) 198. chillyam ($820) 199. weatherbear ($380) 200. lrph ($450) 201. nonchalant321 ($711) 202. benjamin831 ($820) 203. aza ($380) 204. whiskey ($780) 205. .mavErick ($780)
I do so hope we make it to 200.
For the love of God, remove Distorbiant and peternorth from that list. We're at 196 confirmed unfulfilled orders now. Can someone who has access to the spreadsheet tally dollar amount?
At least you have that nice moto (black lamb or goat btw?). I'll probably never get mine...
Just wear the fucking jacket.
Anyone have the spreadsheet? Can we total the dollar amount of outstanding liabilities?
Fok, thanks for the link. Am looking into it.
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