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It pains me to sell these but alas I need to size up. Bought RAW from Blue in Green in late October and professionally chain stitch hemmed to a 29 inch inseam. Warm soaked once in the bath tub for 45 minutes. Worn sparingly for a month. Definitely only about 5-10 wears in these. If I had to guess, you could probably hot soak this for more shrinkage. Waist: 14.5-15" Rise: 9" Thigh: 10.75" Knee: 7.2" Hem: 6.9" Inseam: 29"
Can anyone suggest a good olive chino fabric? I would go for the Dark Olive Chino ( but it's out of stock and the light olive ( seems like it would be too light for me.
Please do!
Well shit. Guess I might need to go up a width... What's your Barrie size vs your van size???
Hm. I wonder what is up then? They should be roughly the same length/width as the Barrie assuming they are Van and the same size, correct?
Need some advice on last... I just picked up this pair of Snuff Suede LHS on Ebay. I did my homework, tried on some sizes in store, and though I had figured out my size in the Van last (same as my Barrie size). But then I got these in the mail and they fit much smaller than my Barrie lasted shoe. They are, in fact, shorter and narrower. This leads me to believe that I got a pair of LHS on some last OTHER than the Van. Are these on the Copley last? They read 6243F which...
Has anyone used the Suit Up/Red Line MTM at SS before? I'm debating doing so to have them make me a MTM La Spalla. How did it turn out for you? Worth it?
All Vanson DRs have that "collar gap." It's just the way they make DRs, not a "patterning error." You either care or you don't. Personally I don't mind it.Either way, seems a little bit shitty to make a snide remark about one of the premier leather jacket makers in the USA (used by people who... you know... actually ride) being unable to make a proper fitting jacket.
I couldn't help myself. If you've ever felt the heavy, melton wool of a traditional peacoat I think you'd get the rugged thing a bit better.
The appeal is that it is a ruggedly masculine heritage piece. Also most men look good in navy. If your style leans toward the rugged or workwear aesthetic then its a great wardrobe staple.I'm not sure it would look good with a croptop so YMMV.
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