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Seems like nobody is getting tracking nowadays. But other than that I get the sense that production is back to normal.
Whats the opinion in here on Blackmeans? I think they look nice enough barring the gaudy gold zippers that seem to be all over their designs.
...I just mentioned Belstaff above. Is that not a totally different aesthetic?
I never see much Belstaff discussion in here. Is it not very well liked?
Its really happening you guys! Edit: well, not for me yet.
More like a few orders will trickle in this week, then next week everyone will be pissed off again, then a few more orders will trickle in in two-three weeks, repeat cycle...
Right. I mean... the baggy sleeves thing is a problem with Sterlingwear as well, so you may not have too many options for low/mid-range 3 button peas without baggy sleeves.
Don't you have, like, one of everything?
Looks great to me. Get the arms tapered if it bothers you that much. Where is it from? Looks like a Fidelity maybe.
Ohhhh shhhhhhhhhit. Are you in the States? Aug 25 moto order don't break my heeeeeaaaaart.
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