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What's the big deal about RiRi zips vs. stock YKK? Do they really look/handle that much different?
Whoa whoa whoa.More pics of that grey lamb CM please.
Curious about the following measurements: Shoulder to shoulder across front? Sleeve length from underpit? Back length from bottom of collar?
I'm not in HK... I suppose I could order the fabric to them to have it made?
Anyone know if Peter Lee/Lee Baron carries Donegal and/or Harris tweed fabrics?
I've got one tweed so far - a dark grey herringbone. I'm wanting to commission a second. Any suggestions? I was thinking brown (no pattern) patch pocket with leather "football" buttons.
I feel like dudes are just lazy and don't take the time to do it. Dbears, though: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=9252 That one convinced me to go for the CM.
Anyone here have a collared moto that can show me more pics of them wearing theirs? I've salivated over the ToJ gallery for like 2 months now and need new material.
Hah. I realize in hindsight I shouldn't have asked the ethics question: its irrelevant if you're wearing the baby animal eventually anyways. Just more interested in where the leather comes from... most I've read here is NZ lambs. Mostly I'm just trying to provoke discussion here on something other than "OMG SHOULD I GET THIS ONE?" etc.
Here's a question that I never see come up but that I think is important: where does ToJ source its leather? What sort of ethics, etc? What sort of due diligence and quality assurance? I'm not criticizing or doubting. Just curious.
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