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I think the issue with Facebook is that if you aren't friends with someone your message gets sent to his or her "other" inbox with no notification. So what's the course of action here? Should we all try to friend and send or are there people who are already friends with him on facebook that can send a message?
Oh man what the fuck.
No it's absolutely not worth all of the crap. Do I still want my fucking jacket? Yes. If I could would I go back and choose a different MTM option? Yes.At this point though honestly I would be equally fine with a refund or a jacket. It is probably easier to sit tight and hope for a jacket than it is to ask for a refund, so here I am.It really is amazing how much that restaurant has apparently fucked everything up, whether because of money or because of time.
Have most people found some success with charge backs? That seems to be the only real recourse but I haven't followed whether or not most CC companies will do it at this point. I remember that PayPal won't do it and AmEx will do it any time basically.
Pretty sure this was discussed about a year ago and the conclusion was that it would be unfeasible to pursue legal action given the nature of ToJ as a business.
I think I'd be lumped in with the "fan boy" crowd and I'm a grown ass man with my own money. I wouldn't even say I'm a fan boy so much as I'm in denial about potentially having thrown away ~$1000. Paging @mrchariybrown can you force Drew out of his hole?
Love that d.
None of those bolded points are true.
Word. Also what's this stuff I hear about the new sage being different from the old sage (pre-2004)? Is that true or is it the same shade?
I agree with this but its crazy how much more popular olive is over sage these days.
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