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bumping this from bottom of page
Three questions from a curious buyer, if anyone can answer... 1. Functionally, what are the trade-offs between a 100% wool vs. a 80/20 wool/nylon blend peacoat shell? 2. Has anyone here used Sterlingwear's "MTM" service? How did you find it? I know you have length and shell customizations... can you change the buttons too? 3. Have any smaller SF members tried the youth sizes at SW?
Nah. I'm all about the browns (lamb, CM currently). I never though an MDR would look good in any shade of brown... but that one proved me wrong.
If it were still available, I'd change my order to an MDR immediately.
This is phenomenal. Medium whiskey calf?
Bumping this from bottom of page.
Crowdsourcing this. I chew through the heels on my Indys like crazy (3-4 months avg). I can't find any cobblers in my (new) area that carry the asymmetrical heel. Can I source these anywhere myself? Anybody have similar experiences?
He probably purchased a moto or rider. Bombers have longer body lengths due to the ribbing.
What's your height/weight?
What's the big deal about RiRi zips vs. stock YKK? Do they really look/handle that much different?
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