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No viable long-term career prospects otherwise. Non-profits and academic work that I have done to date just isn't stable or lucrative. Alternative option is attending law school in Canada, where the market is more stable.Given my general interest in academia, fed, PI and that I can squeeze 25-35k of grants out of HYS per year... I'm thinking it might be worth the risk... Trick is I couldn't really return to Canada I guess.
Uh. Is this SomeT denim on sale or just "some denim"? If the former please direct me to it. If the latter, fuck right off.
Thanks. This is good advice. I unfortunately let my $$$ offers expire though (and they weren't significantly better than my grant offers from HYS) so it's down HYS or nothing. I also get the impression that where you went to school really does matter for the entry-level opportunities, which is half the battle for law grads these days.Any actual constructive advice Harold Falcon? I legitimately want your opinion.
Tbf some dude said Drew sent him an e-mail yesterday so as long as there are reports of Drew sending shit I'm cool to lay off.
And (in order) my choices would be moon (obviously), ScarJo, crack baby (gl feeding a grown giraffe), Burger King (because fuck "gastronomy"), and Bruce Jenner but only if he has a vagina by then.
Uh. Are you suggesting that I'm lying about getting into HYS (it's not all three) or are you suggesting that it is unquestionably a good idea to go? I am a generally cautious and debt averse person and have avoided student loans to this point. I am also painfully aware of the realities of the legal market in the US and I've increasingly seen advice suggesting HYSCCN are no longer safe bets. The Canadian market, conversely, is much safer. I am a dual citizen with ties to...
Gonna bump this and poll some opinions. I'm debating going to HYS or Toronto or not at all. Have a few days to decide. Do you guys think going to HYS (est COA 150k) is worth it or is it still a poor investment? No interest in corp transactional. Maybe lit, maybe PI, maybe fed.
This is just as bad, if not worse, than the cellulite comment.
I shouldn't have said psychological damage. That's cruel and inaccurate. Maybe misplaced or misguided personal/social values. I get that you're young and probably have never taken like a sociology or culture studies course, but...1. You shouldn't "feel bad" for someone for having cellulite. Its not something to be ashamed of. It's a genetic/homonal (natural) condition that occurs in like 80% of women. Somewhere along the line, we as a society/culture freaked out about...
Dude is a portrait of psychological damage.
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