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Well my jacket is still dicking around in Incheon.... so not quite free yet.
4 zip gunmetal. I don't really care about veins or anything like that as long as they are consistent. All I care is that it fits and meets my specs and that the leather isn't flimsy shit that will fall apart in 3 years. Seems like yours meets those criteria.
Moto 2011.
Looks a touch big but that's probably just your outfit. Sweet man!
Yeah same thing on CanPost. I wouldn't be concerned about it but I know both of ours shipped on Friday, so finding it odd that yours is already delivered while mine is stuck somewhere.How's your jacket?
Word. You're right. Just wondering why it has literally been sitting on an air carrier for three days now.
Soooooo should I be worried about this? Everybody talks about how fast EMS is, but my jacket hasn't moved in three days now...
Weird. Either the flight hasn't left (was cancelled?) or my tracking number isn't working anymore. When I search flight number it also says the flight landed two weeks ago.
Why has my jacket been sitting on a Cathay Pacific air carrier for two days now?
Can hardly believe it, but also got tracking.
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