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Fok, thanks for the link. Am looking into it.
Fok can you PM me the contact and or case?
Except the Aero saga has a somewhat happy ending doesn't it? The previous owner wrestled control back into his hands?
Please god not this thread too.
Oh! Thanks. That's all clear now. Out of curiosity, can you confirm that the suedes listed above are limited and will not be offered once the stock has run out?
Edited. Trolls gonna troll.
No I believe they said that was the stock offering. £400 = $600 and maybe there are additional fees associated with shipping, customs, etc to the States?
Been eyeing that jacket too but thinking of having Aero put a regular A2 collar on there instead of the ribbed collar. I think the golden camel is a bit more classic. I e-mailed Thurston btw and they quoted me $899 on the jacket.
TL;DR, open a Paypal account in Ukraine.
Ah, don't know then.I've spent way too much time in this conspiracy theory vortex. This is actively cutting into my personal life now.
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