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Trousers for all!
lol history repeats itself m i rite?
That's actually a pretty clever way to fix the problem if you were to slash the jacket by accident.
Any idea what's going out this week charly? Dates or models?
get a po box for a month if you're really worried about it.
Don't break my heart Drew.
Hm. Really hope I receive my first order before my second is made so I can check sizing, etc... would be a bummer to get two "off" jackets at once.
Charly is such a fucking bro. Love that dude. Want to buy him a drink one day.
But none of us know what the mess is, right? And that is the big problem. Yes, its possible that TOJ is out of money because of taxes or Libertine or that Drew is the modern prodigal son or something. And that would be shitty.But consider the myriad other possibilities. What if, for example, after Dan's father passed in the summer, he had a mental breakdown and could no longer fulfill his duty as a production manager? And now Drew is working double time trying to fulfill...
New Posts  All Forums: