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Ah right. The mail-in dispute.
When did you get the refund for the other jacket?
Drew has said in the past that it takes ~ 1 day to complete a jacket. 3-4 month turnarounds in the past were based on a queue when things were running smoothly. Drew wasn't doing shit for months, so the queue was probably all clear when he started submitting orders again last month. Thus, orders were complete quickly from spreadsheet data entry to submission because there was no wait.Not discounting the possibility that they were just in storage this whole time, but just...
I was freaking out about those lengths for the whole two years that I waited for my jacket, and it turned out to be for nothing. You really don't need to worry. The jacket is going to end exactly where you put the tape measure.
I'm a man of my word.
If Drew comes to visit me, I will make good on this promise.
Jacket input ~2 days after Drew posted the link to it.
Just double checked measurements. Everything is spot on with what I submitted except for the mid, which is an inch larger than requested. Oh well. Maybe the cutters couldn't taper enough given the length.I'll have it taken in a bit some day down the line.
aug 2013 moto
Soon! Can't right now. Fit is almost perfect. Funny enough the areas I was most worried about - shoulder width, sleeve length, body length - are dead on perfect. I think it could use a little more taper through the mid but that's about it. Maybe not though... the columnar look might just be an effect of my narrow shoulders relative to waist. No perceivable flaws. I don't know anything about leather quality so can't really speak to that. Lamb's a little veiny but it's...
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