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Please do!
Well shit. Guess I might need to go up a width... What's your Barrie size vs your van size???
Hm. I wonder what is up then? They should be roughly the same length/width as the Barrie assuming they are Van and the same size, correct?
Need some advice on last... I just picked up this pair of Snuff Suede LHS on Ebay. I did my homework, tried on some sizes in store, and though I had figured out my size in the Van last (same as my Barrie size). But then I got these in the mail and they fit much smaller than my Barrie lasted shoe. They are, in fact, shorter and narrower. This leads me to believe that I got a pair of LHS on some last OTHER than the Van. Are these on the Copley last? They read 6243F which...
Has anyone used the Suit Up/Red Line MTM at SS before? I'm debating doing so to have them make me a MTM La Spalla. How did it turn out for you? Worth it?
All Vanson DRs have that "collar gap." It's just the way they make DRs, not a "patterning error." You either care or you don't. Personally I don't mind it.Either way, seems a little bit shitty to make a snide remark about one of the premier leather jacket makers in the USA (used by people who... you know... actually ride) being unable to make a proper fitting jacket.
I couldn't help myself. If you've ever felt the heavy, melton wool of a traditional peacoat I think you'd get the rugged thing a bit better.
The appeal is that it is a ruggedly masculine heritage piece. Also most men look good in navy. If your style leans toward the rugged or workwear aesthetic then its a great wardrobe staple.I'm not sure it would look good with a croptop so YMMV.
Yeah I sized too long for my tastes based on Drew's suggestions/method as well. But Drew more or less intends for TOJ riders and motos to fit longer than other brands''. What you personally think about others' fits and where they "should" end is irrelevant. Use Drew's sizing method and then deduce how long you'll want it to be from there.
For fishtaco:
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