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I'm guessing that it isn't so much that "Drew did something with the money" as it is that ToJ workers get a % cut of every order when it comes in, and that an order hasn't come in since June 2014. But if not, that's very worrisome.
Okay. Cool. Edited. Thanks for clearing that up. Hard to know who is responsible for what over there and who is still working for ToJ? I think maybe what I was getting at is that I thought Dan was responsible for providing tracking numbers/shipment comms and that those have now stopped evidently. But maybe not.
This is a little harsh. He isn't wrong that Drew and Dan's complete lack of regular communication (and accountability, really) is disappointing.Edited
Drew's last update was 4 weeks ago dude: http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/And it was posted in this thread.Nobody is shifting blame away from Drew/maybe Dan. Everybody is justifiably pissed at Drew. The motherfucker threatening a chargeback on another poster is an entirely different issue.
Of all the assholes that have polluted this thread over the years, the guy who did the chargeback on another member was the fucking worst.
Don't love the black zips, but it's a nice jacket fo sho.
Alright so to move away from bashing Prudy, there's like 3 posters who received jackets last week who said they were going to post up pictures but have yet to deliver. Steer us back on course, please.
Seems like nobody is getting tracking nowadays. But other than that I get the sense that production is back to normal.
Whats the opinion in here on Blackmeans? I think they look nice enough barring the gaudy gold zippers that seem to be all over their designs.
...I just mentioned Belstaff above. Is that not a totally different aesthetic?
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