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From Grailed:Shit like this stresses me way out.
Really, truly awful. I feel so bad for Ken Calder.
Basically.... owner of Aero hired a kid in the 1980s to work for him as a leather cutter. Twenty years later owner of Aero retired and left that kid, now a seasoned Aero vet, in charge of the company and the dude basically fucked him by (I think... correct me if I"m wrong) a) stealing all of his patterns, attempting to steal his workers, and starting Alexander Leathers, and b) selling Aero Leathers on Ebay for cheaper than they otherwise retail and thus ruining their...
Well shit. So... don't buy from Alexander Leathers, basically?
...can't tell if this is another ToJ joke.
I don't really understand what the big deal is with that moto. Yeah the pre-distressing is kinda tacky (like American Eagle jeans or something), but its just a brown cafe racer otherwise.
Awesome. Thanks for this. I reckon I could just customize a bomber with them if worst comes to worst.
I was just joking. I think Drew is trying too and I'm sure he'll wade his way through all the e-mails and orders eventually, but a little "I'm sorry; I fucked up big time" would go a long way to restoring good will here.
Fucking kill yourself.
A single, lonely thumbs-up for him.
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