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The appeal is that it is a ruggedly masculine heritage piece. Also most men look good in navy. If your style leans toward the rugged or workwear aesthetic then its a great wardrobe staple.I'm not sure it would look good with a croptop so YMMV.
Yeah I sized too long for my tastes based on Drew's suggestions/method as well. But Drew more or less intends for TOJ riders and motos to fit longer than other brands''. What you personally think about others' fits and where they "should" end is irrelevant. Use Drew's sizing method and then deduce how long you'll want it to be from there.
For fishtaco:
Fair. I don't own a smartphone or a full-length mirror (no lie). I live in the 20th century. Nor have I really worn it since it's hot as hell. I'll post a pic eventually.
I assume taking in/tapering the waist on a jacket is a relatively easy operation? Does one need a leather specialist for lamb or can fabric tailors work on that pretty easily?
Ah right. The mail-in dispute.
When did you get the refund for the other jacket?
Drew has said in the past that it takes ~ 1 day to complete a jacket. 3-4 month turnarounds in the past were based on a queue when things were running smoothly. Drew wasn't doing shit for months, so the queue was probably all clear when he started submitting orders again last month. Thus, orders were complete quickly from spreadsheet data entry to submission because there was no wait.Not discounting the possibility that they were just in storage this whole time, but just...
I was freaking out about those lengths for the whole two years that I waited for my jacket, and it turned out to be for nothing. You really don't need to worry. The jacket is going to end exactly where you put the tape measure.
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