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What source are you talking about?
Yes. DR2010 probably second place.
Everything except gunmetal is single zip. I think even the gunmetal now is single zip (see more recent DR pics). I think Drew sid he didn't like the double zip so I'm betting they're all single zip now.
So seems like leftover TOJ0s and DR 2013s. Then probably more recent batches in the coming few weeks.
It's really happening!
St. Charly.
Oh man shut the fuck up with that.
Another week.
Not sure... if serious?
For those who don't get it: http://www.boston.com/food-dining/restaurants/2014/12/09/harvard-business-school-professor-goes-war-over-worth-chinese-food/KfMaEhab6uUY1COCnTbrXP/story.html
New Posts  All Forums: