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Dudes: way too critical on the guy. Fuck. Cole, I wish I looked half that boss in high school.
What's the difference between the PS and NC these days with respect to rise, leg width, and tapering? Have a pair of PS in raw indigo and am considering getting a pair of APCs in black. PS is a little tight in the legs for me, through the top block is pretty good.
Yeah definitely not regretting the decision to go with oxblood.
Lamb and silver for sure.
When did Drew first announce shutdown? Late June? I'm assuming wait times will start to decrease a bit over the next few weeks/months as that initial panic order run gets dealt with.
So many people at 30 weeks now. Is this normal/expected or do we think something went wrong with production cycle?
Hah I'm not. I know the deal with the batches, etc. But I figure you can at least ballpark it in a 2 month range or so (e.g., you know when they hit August orders).
Order date?
Can confirm via SW that Navigators and Mariners are made in merino, not "melton." They also won't honor an exchange (custom order) despite my insistence.So instead I'll figure out a way to stiffen the collar a bit. Putting a "canvas" between the two layers like you suggested ia good idea. I'm also considering covering the back of the collar with a leather (goat, maybe calf; lamb probably too soft) like the TOJ or Bond BR peacoats. Think that would work to give the collar a...
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