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Does Luxire leave extra fabric in the hem (to lengthen/let out) on uncuffed pants? I only have cuffed pants and there is no extra length in the ones that I own...
Anyone have any opinions on the best light blue linen shirt? I'm thinking either the linen blue chambray: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen_mar_2016/products/linen-blue-chambray or the pale blue end on end: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen_mar_2016/products/linen_pale_blue_end-on-end thoughts?
Linen sale still on?
Second this question. Do you guys line these, half line them, or leave them unlined? About to order a pair...
Just throwing this out there: looking for a pair of snuff suede chukkas in 6 or 6.5.. let me know if anyone has any languishing in the closet.
NRO is doing one of its $200 gift card for $100 deals. Is it still a risk to try to buy with them or will they ultimately deliver your order eventually?
Perfect thanks all. Looks like I'll go for a 6.5E or so.
How do you guys size on the leydon (unlined chukka) vs your Barrie or truebalance?
Indeed I am using shoe trees. Mine are also 4-5 years old vs you 6 months. The creases don't bother me so much as the stitching just looks uglier when it's all splayed out like on mine as opposed to a nice clean arch on others'. I'm wondering if I should be taking a 6.5 narrow as opposed to a 6 regular.
Interesting. I'd have guessed it was the opposite problem (shoes too small). Alas they're a 6D, so I'll have to settle.
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