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Jackets stopped shipping some time in spring/summer 2014 with no good explanation from Drew. Drew has gone AWOL and has provided very little in the way of updates since then. Jackets started shipping again at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. The rate of shipping/production appeared to be slow at first, but it appears that it has picked up and maybe even gone back to pre-2014 rates. Tough to say though with no contact from Drew and Charly's very limited...
He almost certainly meant Mar 23rd.
Didn't @Foxhound order this config? Just cross your fingers that they fuck up his measurements close enough to yours and then buy it off him.
What is the size/color/model you are looking for?
When in 2013? TOJ appears to be still on August orders for full leathers. They have been on July/August for a very long time now. No way of predicting when you'll get, say, a Nov or Dec order.
They cycled through this batch like a month ago. This is almost certainly a new cycle.
To be fair, some leathers went out last week/two weeks ago, so we'll probably get another batch in two weeks.
Those batches y'all. Maybe the wool stuff is on February but the full leathers are backed up to August still.
Uh. So this was a joke?
Well if the naysayers are to be believed maybe ToJs really do only cost $20.
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