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What Fuuma said.This is a dumb question. Quality is probably comparable. Design is different, both are pretty unique (e.g., someone in the know will know its a ToJ or a SLP, so "street cred" accordingly). SLP is 5x more expensive than TOJ. What do you value more: $4000 extra to get a jacket on the spot or $4000 saved to wait several months?
You just asked this same question several posts back and I gave you a few answers. You haven't since added any new criteria or insight, so I don't know wtf you want here. There is a perfect coat for everyone if they are willing to pay.Here: http://www.mrporter.com/en-ca/mens/saint_laurent/slim-fit-wool-peacoat/458485Slim fit, 100% wool, full satin lining, no vent, probably highest quality. Do you have $2000 to spend on a peacoat? If not you might have to settle for...
If Charly said it was alright (recently or before Drew posted that list) then it is probably alright.But if not, I hope he had an 18" torso.
I would wait 18+ months for that elephant statue.
You can find them around in most big cities I think. ot quite 100% wool, but its good. Also check J Crew and Club Monaco at the low end, and Burberry, Belstaff, SLP at the very high end. Schott and Fidelity might have 100% wool offerings as well.
So getting back on...uh... topic I guess: next week is Lunar New Year in Korea, so no movement expected. That said, it would probably be a good time for @impolyt_one to pop in and give status report...
The MS Paint ToJ logo and the super valuable toj-gallery.com of course.
Billy Reid bond pea?
No. This guy is located in Argentina. Totally different thing.
Agreed. Patterns more than designs I think. Kind of has a long/slouchy fit now that isnt very flattering.
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