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Thanks. One more Q: Do the slim straight (e.g., xx-005) and slim tapered (e.g., xx-013) fit the same through the top block (rise and waist)? Do you guys take the same size in both? I only tried on the 005 and size 29 works for me, but I am thinking the 7.5" leg opening will be too wide...
Looking for some advice on PBJ XX-005 (one wash version) sizing. I usually take a 28 or so (27/28 APC PS, 27 Somet 003/008, etc.). Went to BiG yesterday and tried on the 005 one wash in 28 and 29. I couldn't really get the 28s up past my hips without significant discomfort (don't know if I could have buttoned them up all the way) but the 29s buttoned up fine and fit well through the thigh, knee, calf. I'm only worried because I've heard that the once-washed PBJs stretch...
Fair point. I'm just pissed that it appears I'm finally SO CLOSE and can't even communicate with Drew about the status of my order, personally.I just want to get off Drew Keith's Wild Ride. I'm sad and I'm scared and I'm tired and I just want to go home.
This whole saga is such an unbearable pain the ass. No communication from Drew for months ---> open chargeback ---> communication from Drew that order readyto be placed ----> call Visa to cancel chargeback and no information available. Fucking enraging. Fuck this.
I have a chargeback in and have the same column/text. He must think you have filed a chargeback for some reason and is holding your order.
The inability to actually speak with Drew makes things so difficult. My order is currently "pending chargeback status," which I supposed I will cancel now, but would feel much better if I got an actual e-mail from Drew confirming.
What did you mean by "small periods of being in his senses"?
Log in to find 50+ new posts. "Oh Drew must have posted!" ... 2k2k spreadsheet...
Bro just disappeared again?
There is no way Drew could have scammed people on Sufu with nobody here hearing about it.
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